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True ghost stories with sounds, smells or other physical activity

Did you smell perfume or pipe tobacco? Did you hear a voice or unexplained sound?

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Phantom smells. Ghostly sounds, noises and voices. Lights and orbs. True stories about unexplained physical manifestations at Dreamwatch®

Ghosts, spirits, a presence—we sense they are near. And sometimes they leave physical evidence behind.

Did you feel a touch on your shoulder? Did you hear a child's cry, a voice or unexplained sound? Smell perfume or tobacco? Flowers or food? Submit Your Paranormal Story here.

Read what others wrote when spirits touched their lives:

Phantom smell "of a very sweet perfume."

Shortly after having my son we noticed him always staring at the walls, in the corners. He would laugh and smile. Didn't think anything of it until we heard an older child giggling on his baby monitor (no other children), we heard it twice before. One night he would wake up out of dead sleep screaming as if he was scared or hurt. He did it repeatedly, I moved him into my bed where he continued, but instead of screaming he'd roll his eyes back and laugh. That night after moving him into bed I woke up to the smell of a very sweet perfume.

Phantom smells of flowers, cleansers, and shortbread baking.

I often smell something when I get a visit from a spirit, and the scent usually triggers a mental connection to a specific person. For example, I walked down the hall once and smelled the combination of flowers and cleansers that reminds me of my grandmother's house and detected a presence in my bedroom. I, therefore, was pretty sure it was my grandma. Three times over the past month or so, however, while sitting on the couch I've smelled a sudden, strong aroma of shortbread baking. The problem is that I don't associate this scent with any person or event. What does this mean?

Phantom smell of fire and a ghost shouting.

I have seen three people including one large woman aged between 40 and 50. I saw a girl age of 16+, and a small boy age of 6 or above, sitting in my room and playing with my brother’s toys.

A tall shadow in the night went to the kitchen and that scared the hell out of me.

At 6:33am I heard a woman shouting, I thought it was my mom and I woke up. Everyone was sleeping.

And yesterday midnight I smelled fire, something burning. I went to my mom's room and woke her up and suddenly the smell was gone.

These experiences I have faced. Please reply.

Ghosts. Phantom footsteps and scratches. "Then everything stopped and I was left gasping for air…"

One night I woke up and my room was very hot. It was sometime between midnight and 4 in the morning because of how dark it was. All of a sudden I heard footsteps outside my room and then I felt this immense pressure on my chest. I couldn't breathe, my eyes rolled to the back of my head, and there was this growling from my throat. I tried to sit up despite not being able to see or breathe and then everything just stopped and I was left gasping for the air I had just lost.

Another time, I had just woke up in the morning. I looked into the hallway outside of my room and I saw this little boy in overalls and a white shirt standing under the window. I blinked a few times and he was still there staring at me. I only saw the top half of his body. I went to sit straight up and all of a sudden he had disappeared.

These were both a few years ago. Now a few weeks ago (summer 2016), I was sitting up against my pillows. I have moved rooms since my sister moved out. I had my laptop on top of my legs and suddenly I felt this burning on my back. I got up and walked over to my full body mirror. I lifted up my shirt and there were four defined scratches on my back. I did capture one picture of an orb in my old room right where my bed used to be.

Today, I captured many pictures of orbs in the hallway outside of my old room, my parents' old room, and the basement of my house. Today I also got scratched on my upper left arm and my lower left arm. The set of marks on my upper arm were three and the ones on my lower arm were in the shape of an X.

Phantom scratches and claw marks in New Jersey

It started back when I was younger, every night bout 1:00am I would get up like clockwork and when I get up to get out of bed, this feeling of hands wrapping round my ankles then it pulls me under the bed frequently.

As I got older I had started to hear voices and later on it's actually turned into physical bodily harm. I'd wake up with usually a 3-line scratch sequence on parts of my body that I can't touch or just scratch while asleep.

And presently I was with my girlfriend at the time and we were sitting there and I feel a burning sensation on my back and shoulder. I asked her to see what it was and these claw like marks are there. Then I feel it again upon my right side of my stomach. And when I looked, they were there. I get a pit in my stomach every so often, most bad, like I swallowed a weight and sometimes like butterflies, sweat profusely, and frozen when it's 90+ degrees out.

Please I need all the help I can get. This is horrible. I want Peace of Mind. Also I have a huge black Veil over me like nothing will let me be happy. Or even pick myself up in a good manner.

Phantom smells and whispers. "They were shocked that I knew things…"

Several years ago, I smelled this sweet intoxicating scent that I could not describe and no one else could smell it but me. I also heard a male voice whispering my name into my ear. Every now in then, just before I would fall asleep, I would hear voices. At one time, I heard them say "move it before it falls." Next thing my laptop which was laying on my lap as I dozed off moved. I mainly hear them just before I doze off and at one time one different voice told me things about an now ex family member that no one else knew but them. Yea they were shocked that I knew things from before I was even born. Now the smell is back but after a nasty concussion, I can't hear them any more and it makes me so sad. I wish I could hear them again, they always made me feel peaceful when I could.

Phantom scratching, smells, and "Footsteps in the hall."

My house is haunted. My bedroom wall has loud scratching noises, nobody in my house hears them but only me. Horrible smell in my bedroom. In bed I feel the air getting thick around my throat. A cold hand touches me. Windows opening by themselves. Doors opening and shutting. Footsteps in the hall. Getting hit with flying darts. Every thing moving. My cooker and fridge freezer went flying.

Phantom smell of cemetery

I was sitting down and like a smell of cemetery follower passed by my face back and forth.

Phantom touch: "I know what I felt."

Happy to share this experience, I have many since my dad passed away.

The night before my dad's funeral I was awoken by several gentle but firm taps on my right shoulder. I immediately sat up in bed and thought my husband was trying to wake me up but he was fast asleep and facing the other way and could not have tapped me.

I then thought one of my children had come in to wake me up but could not see any them and when I checked on them they too were fast asleep.

I have no doubt that it was my dad who tapped me on my shoulder. Was I stressed and upset at the time? Yes I was distraught that I had lost my dad to cancer so tragically but I know what I felt. It was real and I lived it. I do not suffer from any muscle spasms or other physical ailments.

God bless!

Phantom smell: Back to Grandma's house

Hi, my name is Kasey. I have been unwell with a chest infection and asthma. It is now 11pm. I have been in and out of bed all day with my illness. I was finally comfortable in bed and in a very peaceful, light sleep. I woke up about 45 minutes ago with a strong sense of being in my Grandma's house. To be particular, her bed. She passed away last year in January. It was the most surreal emotions and feelings. It smelt like her room. The mattress and sheets felt like her room. I had a feeling of light that came through her window. It was as if I was Grandma or very close too. All I could see and sense was her room. It made me feel safe of a sort. It was only for a few fleeting moments, but it was wonderful to a certain point. My head had a forced conversation with her. I had no control. I told her I didn't want to go yet, I have so much to do here. My kids deserve a better mum, my husband a better wife, and I need to be a better person for myself and them. It was as if she answered, but I couldn't hear it. Just feel the answers. Needless to say, I can't go back to sleep for a fear of having an asthma attack. Maybe it was a warning? Maybe just a visit?

Ghostly cries, touches, and other physical displays. "It runs in the family…"

In 2011, my twin boy and girl were born. A couple of weeks after they were born, my second grandfather died. We had visited him just the day before. The week after he died, I suddenly had the strange feeling when I was laying in my bed, that someone was watching me. Not paying much attention to it the first days, I fell asleep. Then one night later, I heard the music box playing in the kids' room. It is a music box you have to wind up, or else it won't play. I walked downstairs to the kids' room and the moment I entered their room, the music stopped playing.

The next night, I had the same feeling of being watched in my bed. Only stronger this time. My wife heard the kids starting to cry, so she went to their room. When she was there, she suddenly heard whispers in her ear, saying "You're doing ok, it's fine." It scared her very much and she told me right away what happened.

The third day, while I was feeding the kids their milk bottles, I put one of the bottles on the table in front of me. While I watched it, it started spinning around by itself a couple of times. I swear there was no truck passing by, no earthquake or whatever. I was so startled that I didn't know what to do.

That same night, when I was lying in my bed again, I once again had the feeling of being watched. I sat up because this time it felt stronger than before and I became a bit scared. In the corner of my bedroom, I saw a shadow standing and watching at me. It scared me ****less and when I turned on the light, nothing was there.

At this time, I became really scared and the next day I asked for advice from a spiritual co-worker at my office. I told her I had the feeling it was my grandfather trying to watch over my family in his kind of way, but not realising he was scaring us. She gave me the advice to go to the kids' room and ask out loud if the spirit would please go away and leave us be, because it scared us. And so I did. The moment I had asked the spirit to please leave us, it was over. We never experienced anything strange afterwards.

Until recently, last week. My wife and I were in the bathroom when we both heard crying sounds. I went to check with the kids, who are four years old now. Both were sound asleep and not crying. My wife asked me if I had heard the sound. Yes, we both had.

Also, we both experience something passing us by and slightly touching us. Most of the time in the bathroom or the living room. Like someone slightly touches the hair on your leg or arm. three days ago, my wife heard the crying sound again in the middle of the night. She went to the kids, but again both were sound asleep.

Two days ago, while I was standing in the shower with hot water on, I suddenly felt ice cold. Like someone was in the shower with me. My wife told me later that day she had felt something touch the hair on her head. Like a spider was on her head, but there was nothing there.

So now, I am waiting what will happen next. I guess mom was right. It runs in the family…

Ghosts or mice or both?

(minor edits for length) My paranormal experience started when I was five years old, but I'm only gonna tell you this summer's experience when strange things started going on in my house.

It was a late evening. I was sitting in my room on my bed and talking to my best friend on Skype but suddenly I heard something in my walls. I thought it was just the house, but then I heard like something in my walls fell, like a mouse was trying to get down to my room. I checked but nothing came or was there.

Few weeks later it was a late evening. I did the same as that time and I heard something in my walls again but it was right next to me like something was scratching the walls like something or somebody was trapped there and asking for help. I tried to ignore it and if it happens again I'll check but nothing happened. For a long time it was quiet, at least I don't remember anything strange. But one night I decided to sleep downstairs.

I woke up in the middle of the night hearing like something was in my closet scratching it trying to get out. I was so scared I turned on the TV but the sound didn't go away and I wanted to check the closet but then I was about to open it, the sound went away but I started to hear something scratching my door like it wants to get in so I opened the door. The sound was gone.

Next few weeks were fine but I had a paranoia of something being there with me. I don't know if something was with me but I was scared to get to the other side of the room but I really wanted a drink so I decided to run for it. I drank some water and felt not so paranoid anymore so I went confidently walking back to the other side of the room but then I saw something white cross the room and I got scared and ran. … I don't know but I know it always shows up when it becomes dark.

Whiskey drinking ghost in Texas.

I was on vacation in Texas in a bar/hotel and I heard that someone died there and he liked to drink whiskey. In one night I was sitting in a chair when I suddenly smelled like someone was in front of me and it smelled like whiskey.

Unexplained sounds and smells. Footsteps and roses in Alaska.

My girlfriend keeps waking up to the smell of roses at 2:09 in the morning. She hears footsteps upstairs and the dog keeps looking up at the ceiling during the wake up.

Husband with family dog on the other side. Cigar smoke tells the tale.

Hello: I am a commission artist from a small country town in Ohio. I have always had gifts of premonition and sensitivity. One evening while doing a drawing for a client of their dog that had passed on, I kept smelling cigars. I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked my daughters to come over and see if they smelled anything. They said "No" and looked at me like I was crazy. Which happens quite often anyway!

After finishing the drawing I decided that as awkward as it would be, I had to ask the client if anyone in the house smoked cigars. I just had this strange feeling that the dog was trying to tell me something. As I said earlier, I am crazy!

Well she finally got back to me and said that yes her husband smokes cigars but not in the house. As a matter of fact he only smokes them outside by the shed where their dog was buried. She then told me that the dog and her husband were very close. I guess the dog wanted him to know that he was still there with him.

I felt very blessed to be able to tell them this and I hope my gifts continue.

Haunted homes where ghosts "touch with cold hands" and leave footprints in the snow—ON THE ROOF!

I am taking this time to share my stories because they need to be shared. I am a normal sales manager with a home, wife and child with no drug usage or alcohol abuse just to clear any judgments of my character or stability.

I grew up in a house where we saw ghosts, could hear them breathing in our rooms in the dark, they would pick up our beds with us in them and drop us, shake our beds and poke you to wake you up as well as touch us with cold hands. Our guests would see them and hear them as well.

After I moved away with years of no issues, I married a girl and moved into a haunted townhouse and it all began again with loud bangs and crashes with nothing to find other than the noises. Even the neighbors would come over running to find out what happened and I would come home from work to find my neighbors standing outside my door wondering if we were okay but no one was home.

One night, my wife and I both woke to see a 10-12 year old girl in an old fashion white nightgown standing at our bedside looking at us. We moved! It wasn't our daughter as she was 4 at the time and we found her sleeping in her room downstairs.

We later transferred up north to advance my career and had a strange experience in our house. My wife was away with family and I was watching TV when I saw shadows coming from the kitchen, thinking it was my daughter, I went to talk to her, but no one was there so I went looking for her and she was in her room downstairs.

I went to bed and awoke to my daughter asking me why I was tucked in all around my body and the rest of the bed was perfectly made. After running out for McDonald’s breakfast, I came home to a strange site, the one foot thick snow on the roof had a six foot circle of missing snow down to the shingles right above my bed. There were footprints going from the circle half way down the roof and back to the circle so my neighbor and I took a ladder to check it out and the footprints were thin with two toes. We looked for evidence of the removed snow thinking someone was playing a practical joke but the surrounding snow was completely untouched.

"Metal detectors were picking up something in my right leg…"

A couple weeks later, I had to fly out for training and airport security stopped me saying their metal detectors were picking up something in my right leg in the shin area but after examining me, they realized I had never had surgery there nor was there any evidence on my now bare leg so they let me through. Upon trying to fly home in another airport, the same thing happened and they made me go into the stand up scanner to take a picture and with puzzled looks, my sales manager was watching the whole thing and was puzzled as well, they let me through to fly home. A while later, we took a family vacation and nothing set off the metal detectors and I have had no incident since with all the trips we have taken.

The last thing I want to say is that when we moved down to the Okanagan and were looking for a new house, I found one I loved and made an offer. While I was talking to the owner of the house, I had a strange feeling like someone was behind me. I looked back but didn't see anything so I dragged my realtor outside and told him to find out who died in the house. He laughed and said no one... Then two days later after he investigated, he came back with the owner's late husband died in the master bedroom six months earlier. I called off the deal and bought another house.

There you have it. I believe in ghosts and i'm not sure what happened to me up north. I'm picky with houses now and I'm staying away from up north.

Spirits in 1700s cemetery? Voice recording and "a strong scent of lilacs."

Last night my step dad and I went to an old cemetery dated back as per the sign to 1709. We were walking around looking at dates and names of the stones we could read and 20 minutes into exploring I got a strong scent of lilacs and my step dad said the same exact thing right after I said it. It was very strong and sudden.

After we left we went to listen to the audio recorder. We heard, "Hey Bubba," and that's my step dad's nickname and I said it a few times before hand and this time it wasn't me. We didn't hear it at the cemetery but did, clear as day, on the recorder … it was a deep male voice and right after he said it is when I smelled the lilacs. Then about 10 minutes later we heard the same voice say, "Get out."

Now could that smell be the ghost even though it was a smell of lilacs and any explanation to any of this??? Obviously we heard it on the recorder this man’s voice and both smelled the lilacs. I never believed any of this could be real. My step dad is into all this and well, now I am and have a lot of questions and dying for answers. Please help even though I can't even think of what my questions are because I'm still a little freaked out … in a cool way!

Mother's spirit checking in? "A very strong scent. Not a bad odor, almost a pine scent."

Many years ago, I did come close to dying. At the time, I was going through a divorce. Shortly after my recovery, I was awakened in the early hours by a very strong scent. Not a bad odor, almost a pine scent. This kept repeating, not every morning, but many, until one morning I told a devout Christian friend and she said, "Get OUT of there!"

At first it concerned me. What was this? Was it SOMEONE? Because of the divorce, I shortly moved thereafter. The "experience", the same scent, followed, always in the morning. I asked my psychiatrist, who wasn't concerned. Other medical doctors told me it could indicate a mild seizure or stroke, and yet no other symptoms. I continued to move different places — 9 times! Yes, ridiculous. The scent would follow to EACH different home, but it stopped waking me in the morning and it wasn't as intense, pungent. But the same scent!

What I haven't mentioned is that my mother died 4 yrs. before I married. She was an artist, a painter. So one day I decided to pick up a canvas, paint, brushes, and start painting. What I quickly realized was that the turpentine I used to clean my brushes, the same stuff my mother had always used to clean HER brushes, was THE SMELL … the same as my "visiting scent!" It's very distinct.

So, was this my MOTHER all these years checking in on me? I'd like to think so, although I'm not so proud of all the things she might have seen! One day I was teaching my class of preschoolers and the scent just burst upon me. It felt glorious, as if she was celebrating the positive turn my life had taken. All of this began shortly after (I came close to dying), which was followed by a very hard fall and blow to my head. Was this my Mom trying to keep me going, or something that resulted from a head injury? Well, it started in 1995 and now it's 2015. I still experience the pine scent, with less intensity and not nearly as often. It comes at odd times of the day, never like in the beginning, first thing in the morning.

I now take great comfort in thinking this is my mother with her artist's smock on, paintbrush in hand, standing next to her easel, and smiling at me. I know she'll be there to meet me when I leave this world. What do you think?

Spirit popping in? "I've had a strange smell follow me around! It's like laundry detergent?"

All day I've had a strange smell follow me around! It's like laundry detergent? I'm expecting a baby boy very soon, so it was my last day in work and the girls threw me a baby shower! But the full day this smell kept following me? I kept feeling like I was being watched and seeing someone from the corner of my eye… Or thinking someone was next to me but nothing! I don't know if maybe it's my gran or my great gran popping in to see me? Because I never met my gran and only met my great gran once and I was very little… But this smell kept popping up at random times… It was as if someone had just sprayed air freshener… I had just gotten loads of presents and when I got home I smelled them to see if I could find where the smell was coming from… But nothing!

Sleep interrupted by "strong scent of a dead animal"

Last night on 19.05.15 I went to sleep around 11 p.m. after watching a movie. I woke up to this strong scent of a dead animal around 12:15 a.m. I live in a 1-bed 1-bath. When I tried to get up from my bed I felt dizzy and a bit confused. At that same time I looked towards my window and saw a round-shaped shadow move forward and backward a few times. I actually thought it was someone trying to break in, but my dog sleeps outside and I didn't hear any barking. I got up and walked out.

As soon as I was outside, my legs became very weak and I could hardly stand. With my flashlight in hand I stood and shined at the back yard. I noticed a strange buzzing sound. Like an airplane passing at a high altitude but it had a cracking noise to the sound. I stood there for about 20 mins. until the sound was gone. At that same time my legs felt strong and I walked around the house and there was no intruder. I walked all over. I saw nothing nor heard anything, even the scent had disappeared.

I went back inside and the scent was still there. I looked everywhere to find something but the place was clean. I had this eerie feeling while inside. I felt like I needed to escape from whatever this thing was. I've never felt so scared in my life. I felt like I was in danger. I have never had an experience as bad a this one. I been touched on the shoulder before while being by myself and even that didn't feel so threatening. I lit scented candles for the smell to go away. It took four hours for that to happen. After the scent was gone i felt a certain peace and tranquility. Only then I was able to fall sleep.

Can anyone explain what is it? Or have anyone had this kind of experience before?

Sleep interrupted by an "awful stench, like rotting food"

(minor edits for privacy) Well, it has been a month since I've moved into a new house with my family. The house is situated in a small gated community and was constructed only a few years ago. Two people had lived in the building previously, but only for a short time. The first was an older man (a drug addict), and the second, the owner of the private community. The neighbourhood is located next to a security company that oversees the area and a church. The district in which I currently live in was once a cotton plantation. No violent history has ever occurred to my knowledge, however, records are not exactly true to fact.

When we moved in everything was great. Nothing was wrong. Soon enough, in the mornings birds would fly into my bedroom windows continuously. I shrugged it off as them trying to interact with their reflections, but it kept me awake as it usually occurred in the wee hours in the morning. I told my mother and asked if we could get a solution to the problem, but she was shocked that I was the only one experiencing that.

My mom had to leave the country for a week, While she was gone, I would notice waking up to shadows and hearing knocking/scratching coming from the garage door. My sister left for late night grocery shopping one night and I was trying to clean up the kitchen. When I looked out the window I saw a pale tall man with blood hair and a black trench coat. He was wearing a lot of gold jewellery and lingered past the window. When I saw him, my heart stopped and I remembered him. I had seen him before.

My family and I constantly moved because of business, but a few years back, we lived a few villages away from where I am now. One night, I remember waking up to seeing my bedroom curtains pulled and I saw the same pale figure in a dark coat wearing gold jewellery embedded with jewels. He lingered past my window and I remembered feeling like it was a purely sinister presence. However, when saw it again, I felt missed or like I was longing something.

Right after I saw the figure, my sister came home and we checked the yard. No one was there. Most of our neighbours had gone out so they couldn't see anything. I shrugged it off because I thought I was just being paranoid. I went to bed, but I woke up to a presence next to me. I couldn't bear to turn my head or scream for help. I just lied there, too afraid and unable to sleep until the sun came up.

The next day, I decided to keep my largest teddy bear in the bed with me to sleep so I would always know what is beside me. When my mom came back she could not sleep in her room properly because she heard falling and knocking sounds. She would wake up to see her locked door open wide. I would also wake up to the smell of something rotten, like eggs. In the house I previously lived, I would remember smelling that awful stench, like rotting food.

Earlier this morning, around 3 or 4 a.m., The locks on my windows opened by themselves and the windows gently slid open. It freaked me out and I couldn't sleep. My windows have secure night locks in addition to the normal latches, making it hard to open. They couldn't have been opened from the outside without some kind of tool and I would have noticed someone by my windows.

I'm not sure of what to make of this, but I know that we can’t leave the house. My mom dismissed everything that I've said and my sister couldn't care less.

Spirit communication with "a full body electrical shiver"

I communicate with a spirit: yes, no, alphabet. I think thoughts and my spirit gives me what I describe as a full body electrical shiver, in response. His name is Geoff, is afraid of connecting with my wife and kids, and with investigators. I don't know at this time what he may be afraid of, but he seems friendly, the shivers actually feel really good, so ya. Anyone else have this?

Phantom smell of pipe tobacco. "The smell increased, became very strong."

Today 4/20/15, I started a new job. Toward the end of the day I began to smell smoke. I asked the patient that was in front of me if she could smell the smoke, too? She replied, no! It's pipe tobacco, I said, thinking that if her husband smoked or something it would be radiating off her. Again she replied, I do not smell any thing.

As soon as I said it is like pipe tobacco, the smell increased, became very strong. My eye welled up and I knew it wasn't for any one else to smell. The smell completely went away. I KNEW without a doubt it was my dead father with me at my first day of work!!! I totally believe without a doubt it was him! Overwhelming happy thought!! Just wish someone else could have validated the smell so it doesn't seem that I'm not second guessing myself that he can make this happen from the afterlife!!

Phantom smell of men's cologne "as if he had just walked away from me."

I thought my experience was just all in my head until I came across this site. Two years ago I lost someone close to me. I had only known him for a couple of months, but we had became so close within a short period of time and he meant a great deal to me. A few months later I had a dream that he woke up in his casket at the viewing and was looking at us like nothing ever happened and him and I continued with our day as if he never died. All I can remember is the smell of his cologne. He used to wear a lot of it and I would always tease him for it. I was hugging him and could just smell him, he smelled so good and then I suddenly woke up. When I woke up I could STILL smell him as if he had just walked away from me. I could smell his cologne for about a good two minutes until it faded away. It stunned me and I stayed in shock.

To this day, I still can't believe I was able to still smell him even though I had woken up. I like to believe he was visiting me in my dreams or watching over me as I sleep.

Phantom smells: Burning onion rings and rubber

I recently moved into my new apartment on 2/1/15. Every night I awaken around 3am. In the last few weeks I would say about two times now I have awakened around 3am to smells that were so strong, but when I would get up to investigate they would be gone. To give you an idea I sleep alone in a dark room with my fan on high because it is easier for me to sleep and my boy friend likes to fall asleep with the TV on and most often does in the living room. So the first experience was like two weeks ago when I awoke suddenly to the smell of onion rings burning. I immediately thought he had put them in the oven and fell asleep and they were burning. I got up and when I opened the door there was no smell. I found him asleep with the TV on and so I went back to bed.

It happened again last night 3/30/15 only this time it smelled like rubber burning. I immediately got up and checked on our 6 year old who was fast asleep. As was my boy friend. Sure enough I go back to bed and the smell is gone.

I do not feel fear or threatened. I wake up almost every night around 3am and have since my pregnancy in 2008. But now there are smells involved of things not really there. I have heard that poltergeists prank. Again I don't feel fear or threat. Only curiosity. Any thoughts as to what the whole smell thing is about?

Phantom perfume smells: Men's cologne and "strong smell of cigar smoke."

I have been sick for several days, improving. The date was 3/20/2015, time, judge around 10:15. Decided getting tired and to go to bed. Fairly soon after entering my bedroom, smelled either strong perfume or a man's cologne, the more I smelled it, decided it was the cologne, then changed to a strong smell of cigar smoke. My background, am 81, appear younger. Live in a 16 year old condo, only one couple have lived in it, two years. Moved in 12/6/14. Carpet is new and newly painted walls. A man has smoked a cigar in the condo, never my bedroom. He is alive. Have lost to death, two men. One: hubby, 2nd: partner.

What is going on?

Phantom smell of something gross and "Cat-like scratches all over my body."

I never knew I could crave sleep, until I woke up starving for it. Some nights I wish I could go back in life, not to change things, but to experience a few things once or twice. My family thought I was on drugs. I grew paranoid and frustrated by my thoughts. I felt alone and secretive about the things I would see or hear. I sounded crazy explaining to them that spiders were on my rooftop crawling around. I started sleeping downstairs on the couch because of this, fearing it would eat me. Some nights I would hear a bomb-like noise. I thought something was outside going through my family's vehicles or trying to break in. I used to feel safe at night, especially when the shadows would lean over, watching me. Now I'm scared they're trying to kill me! I'll wake up smelling something I can't even describe. I felt like it was snot I was smelling. Gross, right? My friends told me that I would shake, twitch, and even groan in my sleep. They were scared to watch me.

I will wake up soaked in sweat and sometimes have cat-like scratches all over my body. I can't imagine how hard it is for others. I am still experiencing these illusions. It isn't easy and the animal sounds, buzzing, and whispers don't help me. I just have to remind myself that you only see and hear what you allow yourself to.

Phantom smell: "I've been smelling her perfume all night."

I fell in love with the most amazing woman two years ago, but she hid something from me for over a year. A laundry list of health problems and suicidal thoughts on top of that. On February 2nd, 2015, we had a terrible break up and now we have no form of communication. Tonight, March 10-11 2015, I've been smelling her perfume all night and I keep having this image in my mind of her crying. I've become overwhelmed with anxiety and I wish there was a logical meaning to all of this. She lives 500 miles away which makes matters worse.

Phantom smell: "I could still smell the stench of decomposition."

Hello, my name is Allyson, who lives alone with my cat. Last night on 3-4-2015, I fell asleep early on my sofa watching TV. I woke up several hours later, (I am unsure of the time exactly-perhaps 11:30-12:30) to the nauseating strong smell of decomposition. I sat up and the smell was so strong, I wanted to cover my nose but opted not to because I needed to see where it was coming from. My deaf black cat, Laila, was laying down on the ottoman next to me but was awake and alert as well. I'm not sure if I can equate her alertness to my awakening so abruptly or not.

I was disgusted by the smell, but I got up and checked every room, cabinet, closet, nook and cranny of my home, I even went outside to see if there was a dead animal out around my house somewhere and--NOTHING... I even checked my oven to see if something had gotten half cooked the night before with my pizza. I didn't "feel" any sort of "badness" nor was I afraid but I was confused.

I went back into my living room and sat on the edge of the sofa and could still smell the stench of decomposition. Then about 30-45 seconds later, the smell completely dissipated. I was actually finding myself inhaling deeper to try and find the smell again and could not. It was gone. How the heck do you explain this???

I know, well, I feel that I am very well "protected" by my LONG passed grandparents and feel their presence and goodness around me often. I even feel like my deaf black cat, Laila sees "something" from time to time. I'm 100% sure this was not my imagination. I can almost still "taste" that awful smell in my throat. It was as if someone had placed an animal that had been dead for a week right next to my face. The other strange thing is that I had a deja-vu as I was typing this. I'm sure you have heard much stranger or more unexplainable stories than this, but I'm open to feedback. In fact I invite it, but only from those who might really know what this could be about. Thanks, Allyson.

Phantom perfume smell: "I hope it's not some kind of sign."

Last night 2/19/15 my husband and I had just gone to bed and as I was trying to fall asleep I immediately began to smell perfume of some kind. It was so strong that I turned to my husband and said, Do you smell that? It's perfume. He said, No, I don't smell anything. And it kept getting stronger. Then as quickly as it came, it left. So today my husband said it made him feel weird like I was accusing him of something. I still don't know what it means, but my birthday is Tuesday, February 24th and I hope it's not some kind of sign. But anyway you read it here first.

Phantom smell: Men's cologne. "Strong and in my face."

There I was, minding my own business, sound asleep on the sofa with the TV still on. The smell of men's aftershave was so strong and in my face that it woke me from deep sleep. I didn't realize until morning when my sister called to remind me, it was the anniversary of our father's death. Maybe it was my dad saying hello and showing me he remains close.

Phantom sound and smells: "This beautiful smell of flowers …"

I was the only one awake. I heard this loud sound of water running in my other bathroom, but no one was up but me and I was reading in my living room. Then I had to use the bathroom. I was a little scared at first. I was all alone. Then I came back out, I didn't think much else of it. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks this beautiful smell of flowers. All at once I felt this deep presence of love, but hate I don't know what to think of it. But I can still feel it, it never left me and I don't know why.

Phantom smell: "A glorious garden …"

(minor edits) My experiences occurred during my late teens, early twenties (20 years ago). Though there be many, I will share this one in particular. I was living alone in a one bedroom apartment. It had to have been around the 4:00 p.m. hour, give or take an hour. We will say 4ish. I was seated on my davenport, possibly reading my Scroll (paper?), and from out of nowhere, I could find no reason for it, this smell wafted through my habitation, the place of my tabernacle. Where it began I could not say and where it ended—a glorious garden of Peony, Hyacinth, Rose, and Magnolia. It came and went as though Royal Deity had passed through my home … and let me peer into the grandeur by the seat of my Olfactory.

Phantoms: Child's music. Burnt smell. Little white light.

I was walking my sister's friends home, because they were complaining about hearing child's music but nothing there, so I stuffed a little knife in my purse (I thought killer) and began walking on the streets at night. As we were walking I started to smell a burnt smell like a fire was near but there was no light. I walked with Samantha a little more as I started to hear a faint sound of child's music. I could see the terror in her eyes as I heard the noise getting closer so I slowly reached my hand to my purse pulling the knife out nearly visible. We saw a little white light in a far distance getting closer. I tensed up bringing the knife out my purse visible to anyone near. We ran and soon reached her house. I said bye, walking home ALONE.

I was walking home and the little white light was getting closer. The burnt smell was getting stronger and the music getting louder. I started running, holding my knife harder. I started running faster reaching my house I slam the door, locking it. I tell my sister about what happened and she didn't believe me so she checked outside — and nothing was there. No sounds. No white light. Nothing. It was normal. She looked at me and laughed and walked away, then I looked outside and the white light thing was really close, by the window like it was looking in.

Now I'm scared to walk outside or go to sleep. Do you know anything about this? If you do please help me!

Phantom cries. "Scary as hell …"

(minor edits for privacy) Here's my story: It is not as fantastic, but it was a day of full hard work, but after coming to sleep on bed at 2:50am sharp. I wanted a good sleep but my mind did not want that. So, I was awakened even till 3:30am and then something paranormal happened and it was a voice of a boy crying outside my flat for like 15 to 20 minutes nonstop, and then an aeroplane flown away but still he was crying. Suddenly he stopped and a cat cried just like in horror film. This society (location deleted for privacy) is as scary as hell. Help me Kat.

Phantom smell: Sweet roses. "This burst of perfume scent filled my bed…"

(minor edits for privacy) On Jan 5th 2015, not sure what time it was, I was deep asleep on my right side when I felt something tugging at my comforter. At first i thought it was my three year old daughter since it was a playful tugging. I felt no fear so I was getting up to see, only to have my hair tugged back hard enough to jerk my head back. It wasn't a lot of hair it was like two fingers thick up on the upper side. So I quickly turned around and said what the hell! And this burst of perfume (sweet roses) scent filled my bed like it was floating over my comforter.

I didn't know what to make of it so I went back to bed. I then had a dream of a dear elderly friend of mine that she was seriously ill and needed to see me! I woke up with a desperation to talk to her. Finally her daughter called me to let me know she is very ill and she will be coming to stay with her for care. Plan to visit her tomorrow.

Phantom smell: "Some type of soap or potpourri … popular decades ago…"

This just happened to me last night, January 03, 2015 at about 1:00am. I never (in 50+ years) had an experience such as this one:

I was asleep and was woken by a smell of either perfume or soap. But it was a type of smell that reminded me of an elderly person. Some type of soap or potpourri they would use that would have been popular decades ago, not in 2015.

Half asleep, I woke up and was annoyed at such a scent in my bedroom that could wake me up. I wondered where it could come from, and it was immediately gone. I said to myself "... that smelled like an old person..." Some time later (seconds? minutes?) I was woken by the same smell and a sense of movement in the dark. It was not frightening. It simply was. Again, I thought the smell was like an old person. I thought "don't tell me my mother has died" and "I bet during the day I will be told someone old I know has died." And I immediately went back to sleep.

Today, merely hours after that event, I was told by my mother that her brother died yesterday. He was in his late 70's. I had not seen him in many years, but I am convinced that he took a tour of the family as he moved on...

Phantom smell of cigar smoke at Edgar Allan Poe's grave site

Me and my friend Christine went to go visit Edgar Allan Poe's grave site, during the day. It was a little bit before Halloween, so I dressed as a vampire, aka Mina Harker, and we walked near a certain area, and we started smelling really strong cigar smoke, and old time powdery perfume. My friend Christine and I both smelled these scents at the same time. I wasn't scared at all, I was very excited and thrilled to have this experience.

Near the end we started walking away, the powdery perfume scent was following us. I'm kinda not sure exactly what happened, if this was something else entirely or a presence of a ghost.

Phantom smell: "A kind of sweet perfumy yet annoying scent…" in Greece.

It was 26 December, I was watching a movie with my mother on the couch, cozy. At one point, I noticed a scent. It was a strange scent that caught my attention, something we don't have in the house that I could relate to it.

I looked at my mother she had lit a cigarette, and suddenly I saw that she also smelled it. She looked at me confused, thinking that I had something to do with this scent. When I asked her if she smells it, she said yes. She started to smell her cigarette for maybe it could have come from there. But it was a kind of sweet perfumy yet annoying scent I can't describe.

I got up and walked around to find a source but nothing. I opened the door since we live in a building and people come and go leaving some kind of scent behind, but there was nothing to smell. It was more at the area where we were sitting. It did not last long, like seconds, then disappeared, but yet strong and strange enough to be noticed.

I have read some articles, but ok there might be a scientific explanation, but this scent was nothing I personally have ever smelled. Sorry for my English and have a happy new year.

Phantom smell: "Strong smell of men's cologne…" in Alabama.

On December 26, 2014 my daughter came to visit. While we were sitting on the front porch swing she asked me if I smelled that. I responded smelled what? She stated that there was a strong smell of men's cologne. I did not smell it but right after I told her this there was a crash behind us as if something had been knocked over. The only thing behind us on the porch was a can of Raid but the can would not have made the crashing sound we heard. We blew it off and went on with the day.

On Saturday Dec. 27, 2014 I walked into the kitchen where my husband was and there was a very strong odor of men's cologne, a smell I was not familiar with. I asked him if he had changed colognes and he stated no, that he could smell it too and had been trying to find the source. The smell is moving around the house as it has been in the laundry room, kitchen and computer room. It is never in multiple places at once.

I need to also add that prior to my daughter and I going out onto the porch on Dec. 26, 2014 we were in the kitchen when I could have sworn I saw someone walk down the porch in front of the kitchen window. She said she did not see it. I am writing this to document what has just started happening.

Phantom smell: "Strong scent of perfume like a sweet smell, kinda like flowers…" in Michigan.

So I'm a 35 year old female who recently lost my 36 year old best friend Jen who passed away in her sleep, very sad. She has three children, all teens, and today I was thinking about how I miss her and want to buy urn necklaces for her kids. Well all of a sudden, I smell this strong scent of perfume like a sweet smell, kinda like flowers, and nothing had been sprayed!! So I looked up what it could mean and it said it meant an angel is reaching out to touch you!! I immediately got goose bumps, but felt comfort like now I know my friend is an angel and still here with us!!

Phantom smell: strong men’s fragrance cologne

I have lived in the same apartment for a little over seven years now, and in the past couple of months I have been noticing a strong cologne smell every now and then. The only other person in the apartment besides me is another female and neither of us wears a scent similar to the one I recently started smelling. The smell is a men's fragrance and the first time I smelled it was when I was lying down on my couch. It was directly in my face, and I tried smelling everything around me to find the source but nothing smelled like that scent. I brushed off the incident as nothing major and did not think about it much afterwards.

Not too long after I smelled it the first time, I smelled the scent again in the same spot — in midair near my face as I was lying down. I have noticed that the smell will linger from one end of my couch to the other. I also smell the scent sometimes when I am sitting up on my couch on the end opposite from where I normally lay down.

No males close to me have passed away. My father's father passed the year I graduated from high school (2009), but we were not extremely close. Plus, if it were my grandfather, why would he start coming around now after nearly six years? I am not bothered by the presence but I am puzzled as to why it (whoever it is) would start coming around now. No one has passed away in my apartment complex, so I know it is not the spirit of anyone who lived near me. Any explanation you can offer will really help.

Phantom sounds and smells — voices, knocking and other mysteries in Indonesia

This is TRUE STORY. I have a strange phenomena that happen in my house. I often stay at home by myself. I hear my mom voice from downstair. BTW, she isn't at home. At first, I think that is just my imagination. Soon, I get more creep out since I hear my mom voice shouting my name for 5 times already. It all happen when I'm alone and at night.

I hear my dad's voice twice. I always open the door to check, but there's No one there.

Once, I hear a water running sound from the bathroom when alone. Then, it suddenly stop after a while. At first, I think there must be something wrong with the pipe, but it's not. It never happen before and never happen again after. There's a time I hear a knock on my door. It's at night. It creeps me out because there is no one there. There's a time when I'm still doing my HW (homework), I hear a knock on my window.

Some people may say it's your imagination because you are asleep or something. I have one BIG problem is that I am AWAKE. This makes me feel more scared since I'm awake and alone. Please tell me what's happening in my house. This isn't an imagination anymore since it happens more than 6 times.

Before I move to this house, I lived in an apartment. I'll always hear lamp voice at late night. Many people say it maybe your neighbour, but I don't really believe them. I believe I hear it from my bathroom. The sound is too obvious, since my room isn't far from the bathroom.

There's a time when I just wake up, I saw a black figure of someone. Then, I close my eyes and open again he's gone. In my previous home before the apartment, some of my pets died mysteriously. I have two fish. One day, one is gone without any trace at all. My other fish can't eat my fish since they are the same size. The next day, my other fish died mysteriously. I always take good care of them. The other one is my turtle. One day, I find it is gone. The next day, I find the turtle is dead in a very far away place. It doesn't make any sense that it can go that far.

After reading this, please comment. Is it possible that I'm haunted by something.

Phantom touch: "This spirit is touching me… "

I am being attacked by a spirit every day of my life. It started in December 4, 1980 when I first had a vision and a scary experience that changed my whole entire life forever! Today I am seeing things in my dreams, my house, and in the streets. This spirit is touching me at night and when I am awake. It touches me mostly in my jaw and knuckles as if it wants me to engage in a fight so I can get arrested. Can you help me get rid of this unknown strange spirit! I feel that it is trying to scare me or showing signs that my life is in great danger. Please help me as soon as you can. Thank You.

Phantom smell: "absolutely desirable"

I am presently 80 years of age. In my entire life I have had only one thing that I could not figure out.

When I was 55 years of age, I awoke one morning at 3:00 AM exactly. This I saw on the clock radio sitting on my desk beside my bed. I raised my head slightly and wondered why I had woke up. I heard nothing, saw nothing and my wife was sound asleep. The house was built so that not a pin could have fallen without being heard.

While my head was raised I smelled this very sweet and pleasing odor. An odor that I had never smelled in my life. I lay my head back down and went directly to sleep. At exactly 4:00 AM I awoke again. I raised my head and smelled the same sweet smell. With nothing to place where the odor was coming from, I again went directly to sleep.

I awoke up at 6:00 AM and got out of bed, dressed and started out of the door to go to work. It was then that I thought: where is the smell? It was gone. That puzzled me for a long time. It was just the two of us in the house and the smell was not there when we went to bed or when we got up. And we had not to my knowledge had any visitors in a few days.

The smell was absolutely desirable. I even went to a local large dept. store that had hundreds of perfumes etc. I must have smelled the sample of hundreds ranging in price from five dollars per ounce to 200 dollars per ounce and not one of them came close.

That was 25 years ago and I am still trying to figure out where that smell came from.

Phantom smell: strong smell of perfume. "It was really nice and sweet."

Hi. I'm feeling rather confused and a little worried time honest. I'm only 21 and always paranoid and think about things far too much.

Anyway me, my other half and daughter have just moved into our new house where the man who lived here before died in hospital. But I was lying in bed with my little girl trying to nap and I got a really strong smell of perfume. It was really nice and sweet. I smelt bed sheets and pillows, but couldn't smell a thing. I've never smelt it before.

I always feel like I'm being watched since I can remember. I only really know and met men in our family that have passed. So I believe it could be a spirit? But who and what did they want? The smell went after a few months just got confused because I never smelt it before. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Phantom smell: really strong aftershave. "It wouldn't go away."

Here's my story: So I woke up at about 8:45am and I was just replying to some messages that I had received the night before and I was sitting in bed replying to them for about half an hour, then suddenly I began to smell really strong aftershave. It wouldn't go away and I could smell it right beside me. I did not recognise the smell as I wasn't too close to my grandad to know if that is what his aftershave smelled like and when my dad passed away, I was too young to remember it. Eventually it did go away, but it was very strong.

Phantom smell: a very strong smell of flowers

(Edited for length) Hi there! This has happened recently to me and my friend.

My friend is a musician and we were leaving a club after his gig around midnight. At first nothing seemed unusual. We were standing outside the car and just talking for a while. At some point we both noticed a very strong smell of flowers, it rather resembled some fragrance or oil rather than blossoming. The smell was coming back and forth. At times so subtle, that it felt like blossom from something picked up by breeze, at times very strong, like the source of the fragrance was right in front of us. We didn't really pay attention to that.

The car's door was open all the time, so when we both got in, the smell, at our surprise was very strong, and it even seemed like it was coming from the car. We both tried to identify the source, smelling each other and the car.

We did a short drive to grab some food. At some point my friend told me that he smelled this fragrance very strong and he felt like it was in front of him. In a minute I felt the same. A very strong and rather pleasant smell, something like lilac, jasmine and sandalwood all together. There were no other people at the diner at that time. Presence of this smell at the diner itself was very strange. Like it travelled and stayed with us indoors. After eating we came back to the car and the scent was still present very strongly.

We came to my place, so did the scent of flowers. Sometimes so subtle, sometimes so strong, I could literally feel it in front of my face. I've started to feel very uncomfortable, as this smell didn't come from clothes or hair, it was in the air. And I could feel it moving across the room.

After my friend left around 3am, I couldn't sleep. I felt this fragrance getting very strong, almost to the point when you get headache. It was surreal. Like the whole room was filled with it. Made me a bit delirious and nervous. I managed to fall asleep around 5.30am and when I woke up, there was no single evidence of this very odd smell of flowers. No trace on clothes or hair.

Very next day I spoke to my friend. He said that on the way back home the scent in his car got unbelievably strong and he could barely drive focused. But as soon as he stepped inside his place, the scent was gone. In the morning there was no trace of the fragrance in the car (doors were closed all night). Gone completely.

I did some research online and read some similar stories. Including olfactory hallucinations. Which probably would make sense if I experienced it alone. Me and my friend, we don't have anybody who passed away recently or long time ago in common. We tried to find any reasonable explanation, but there is just none.

Heard people talking. Smelled coffee.

Here's my story: It happened when my mom's mom passed away. She had been sick long time but her beloved man, my grandfather, passed away before her. On my grandmother's funeral day I was alone in the house where they lived before passing away. As I was alone I heard something like people talking but I could not understand a word that they where saying. I was a little scared of it. And changed the place where I sat. This time I sat down at where my grandfather normally would be sitting—by the dinner table before he passed away. The sound of someone going around in the house was the next thing. It was so real that I even asked if somebody was there. But no answer. Then there was the smell of coffee. It was as strong as somebody had put a cup of coffee under my nose, but there was no cup of coffee there. And afterwards I asked my mom if someone loved coffee and she told me that my grandfather loved coffee.

Phantom smell: a very strong perfume

Good Morning, I smelled a very strong perfume that woke me up at 6:30am. I know our bedroom has no scent. I even checked on my wife and she doesn't use perfume at all. This tells me something is up. Spirits might have come through.

Also my grandmother passed away in three weeks ago.

Cigar smoke. Ghost driver.

My daughter and I used to live in Miami Springs. One cool night, rare here, we were watching TV and I kept smelling cigar smoke. My daughter said she couldn't smell it, but we went out to the front yard several times. Mind you, Miami Springs rolls up the sidewalk before 10pm. No one was out, no one was even awake. Finally, I asked her if she wanted to walk our dog around the neighborhood as I was getting antsy.

We circled a couple of blocks and were getting close to home when we passed a vacant house. There was a car parked in front which started as we came up. We could see clearly into the car, dash lights unobscured. No one in there. As we watched, the car pulled away. I decided to get in my car and follow it. My daughter was very unhappy about this. We got home, got in the car and headed in the direction the "unoccupied" car had gone. We encountered it coming towards us in the middle of the road! When it passed we both looked in and could see no driver. Freaking out we went home. The next day we walked by that house. No car. But a palm tree in front of the house had burned down. Just the tree, no grass, nothing else. Never walked by there again!

Voices and Noises and… "An icy cold hand on my shoulder…"

Roughly four years ago, I moved into a tiny apartment house on the family farm with my stepdad and mother. It had been around for a long before my stepdad was a child, a good 50 years at least. And during my on and off stays there between college semesters, my mother and I have had multiple strange incidents occur, none of which we've really been able to explain.

The guest room (once a piano room back in the day) became my room upon my move in—and within 6 months, weird things started to happen. Many nights I couldn't sleep because I felt like I was being watched, or was woken up because I thought someone came into the room. It escalated to an eerily lucid nightmare where I could feel someone (what I believed to be an adult male's presence at the time) behind me, breathing warm air on my neck, and placed an icy cold hand on my shoulder—but when I turned to see who it was, I woke up feeling pure fear and shivering violently, my own skin as cold as in the dream. I struggled to breathe, my chest tense from a true panic attack, something I hadn't experienced since childhood. The fear was so genuine I was literally too terrified to sleep for three days and nights. The sensation of a presence continued on and off after that, but gradually backed off after just shy of a year. …

"I see something ugly staring at me."

I'm usually awoken by sounds of shuffling, just when I'm entering a so deep sleep. Feel the hair on my hands raise and my body becomes tight and motionless. Just then with the power of the mind, I force my eyes to open, at that precise moment I see something ugly staring at me. I wonder who was more shocked, 'It' or myself cause its eyes grew huge with surprise and within a blink of an eye, it disappeared.

"She saw the shadowy figure again. … Is this thing dangerous?"

Today my mom told me something that's been happening to her for almost two months now. My dad passed away five months before I was even born. So there are only two people in our house (me and mom). Recently she has been sleeping with the lights on every night. It seemed a bit strange, but I never asked her why.

Yesterday night I woke up by mistake at 1AM. When I saw the light on in her room I went and switched it off. Today she came and told me the eeriest thing i've ever heard.

In these past few months she has seen a dark shadowy figure at least some four or five times. It seemed to come towards her. When she starts praying, it goes away. She wasn't sure at first if she was dreaming. Then she later understood that something was wrong. Yesterday night when I switched off the lights and went, after a while, she saw the shadowy figure again. This time very clearly, so clearly that she didn't have a single doubt in her mind. It came towards her. She started calling out my name. i was sleeping deeply. I didn't hear her. But as soon as she started calling me, it went away. It banged on the cupboard on the way. She could clearly hear the noise.

Someone please help me. Is this thing dangerous?

"Hearing whispering … smelling an ugly smell, like sulfur."

I was unable to sleep. I kept hearing noises. Kept hearing whispering and then I started smelling an ugly smell, like sulfur. My sister passed away two years ago on my birthday, it was sudden. We weren't able to say good bye. But talking to my ex-husband, he has been experiencing the same thing. What is going on? Unable to understand.

"Hearing a woman crying…."

It was about one year ago. I woke up immediately on hearing a woman crying, "No, no." There is a mosque nearby, every night they sing hymns. After the hymns stopped, the cry stopped and again started!

Noises, chills, perfume smell. "Nobody will ever believe…"

(minor edits for clarity) I got no idea whether I believe in existence of ghost or not because I have not believed these kind of things, but science. Me and my friend who was known from childhood were staying in a same house which we have gotten leased from a old couple. They were staying in another house. My friend was a marketing executive. I had worked as a lecturer in one of the private colleges and had a part-time job after evening in a private computer institute. We were sleeping in same room with different beds. I used to sleep early after I got my dinner because of tiredness, but he used to speak with his squeeze until midnight over the phone. I hated his activity because he always turned on lamp while speaking with her.

One day I checked my mobile on lunch hour and there was some missed calls from various numbers. Then I called one of them and he said that a person died by accident and we found a small diary in his bag and got your number. I suddenly recognized that may be my friend and make confirm it. I called him—but not reached.

I collected the spot address and went there. I saw his bike and it was crushed. Some of the people said the corpse was sent to postmortem. Local police approached me to confirm the identification of the corpse.

His death was make me astonishing instead of sadness. After three months I felt some weird things happening at nighttime—like noises, surrounding chills, perfume smell. Sometimes I felt like someone grabbed my hand and forehead and I convinced myself that all were imagination and not true. Sometimes I used hear songs in my mobile and got sleep put ear phone on in my ears itself. When I woke up, the phone was on the table.

I planned to stay with another friend in the same room and see what happened and next morning he asked, "Did you grab my hand last night?" I said no and decided to check out that house. Now I did not get that kind of feeling and not saying about that to anyone because nobody will ever believe unless getting own experience.

Phantom Smell: "I woke up to the STRONG smell of smoke in my bedroom …"

Hi. So a few years ago, my brother was murdered and on the night he was murdered we smelt cigarette smoke. Strong smoke, in the middle of the night. We are very spiritual, so we knew this wasn't right and that something was wrong, and now for the last two days especially last night (Sept. 7, 2014), I woke up to the STRONG smell of smoke in my bedroom. It was like 3:00 am, so there was no one up in my block, I had a look, and I live alone. I've had no new furniture, so there is nothing it can attach itself to, or have come in with. I'm worried it's a warning???

Then I managed to fall back asleep only to be woken up with a bang, sounded like something dropped, it's like it was trying to wake me up. I got up and looked round my flat to make sure I was alone, and that there wasn't anyone trying to get in, but I was all alone. Didn't feel completely alone though. If you have any help on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Phantom Smell: Strong Smelling Perfume

Woke up this morning to a strong smelling perfume, but it was gone within seconds. Wired!

Phantom Smell: Cigarette Smoke and Dark Shadows

I have been experiencing the smell of cigarette smoke being blown in my face. It has been on going since we moved here three years ago. It just seems to be getting worse and the smell gives me a headache and makes me nauseous. My husband doesn't smell it, but I do.

Also, a couple times, my son has seen a dark shadow in clear view in the middle of the day in his bedroom. Do you think this shadow could be the reason I smell cigarette smoke?

Phantom Smell: Sudden Smell of Perfume

The smell of perfume in my home.

Phantom Sound of Child Crying "so loud it woke me out of my sleep."

Hello. Recently we moved into a new apartment. Everything seems great, but I have an eerie feeling of being watched all the time. I'd see shadows or even hear a child cry. One time the cry was so loud it woke me out of my sleep. Yes, I have children, three under of the age of two. But they were fast asleep during that occurrence.

Phantom Smell and Taste of Metal

But what brings me to this site is the other night my husband, who was in the shower, saw a shadow sprint towards him and he, assuming it was me going to throw cold water on him, opened the shower curtain, saw nothing there, but got an overwhelming taste of metal and smell of metal. Please help with this. What kind of spirit is associated with a metal smell?

After years of silence, a wind chime sounds inside a windless room.

Hi. I have a wind chime made of wood or bamboo. I've had it hanging inside my room for years and not even a storm or vibration has made it sound until yesterday, August 6, 2014. It made a sound just once before I was going to fall asleep and again tonight August 7, same situation, I was falling asleep. Why now, what does this mean I'm scared. I've never experienced anything like this before?

Phantom Smell: "If I do not say "Hi" to the smell, it gets a lot stronger until I do."

Ever since my brother died two years ago, I smell different smells. Most of it food. Sometimes burning wood. Like today it was a very strong bacon smell, it started out to smell like toast. What is strange, if I do not say "Hi" to the smell, it gets a lot stronger until I do. After I talk, it (the smell) will go away.

My boarder will get her clock shut off a lot of the time. She has moved the clock and plugged it into different outlets to see if it was the outlet, but it still was shut off. I told her that whoever it is gets mad at her for not addressing them. So now she will talk to the smells. What is strange if I do not talk to the smell, it gets very strong and overbearing.

I will ask it who it is and tell them it is time to leave and go home—go to the light. It does not work. I will ask them what they want—what they need. I know I will never get a response, but I want it to think about what it wants and how to get its needs met so it will move on.

I do not think it would be my brother since he lived 500 miles away and why would he come here and not to his wife. Could it be my dog I had to put down? I am also wondering if it was my aunt who thought the world of me and died about five years ago and loved food. All I do know is that they want me to know they are here and that I have to let them know that I know they are here. To me they are neither good nor bad, just here.

Phantom Smells and Sounds: "Weird feeling like someone is in my room."

It is Monday, July 28 7:09 am. I have been awake since 4:30 am when I woke up to the really strong smell of like rotten cat litter, I can't even explain it. I am crying right now because for years I have experienced things where I hear stuff, and repeatedly had been reading my book in my bed, then start shivering and getting this really weird feeling like someone is in my room with me watching me as I quietly read and this, and hearing people walk through my bathroom and up the hall to my bedroom door scared me so much because this happened for years that I now plug my ears all the while I sleep afraid that I will hear something and not sleep for the rest of the night.

I started to ignore all these things because I wanted to convince myself they were not real. Although I love ghost stories and am very curious about stuff like that, it terrifies me when I think of these things that I experienced being legit real.

So for like over a year now everything was fine and I never had any more creepy experiences until two nights ago when my friend slept over. I woke up in the middle of the night to that cat litter, rotten, gross smell, it was very strong. I asked my sister and friend if they smelt it too, but they said they didn't know what I was talking about. I didn't smell it Saturday night, but woke up at 4:30 am this morning to that same smell and the first thought that caused me to really cry and get terrified was of that movie The Conjuring. We learn that smells like this signify paranormal activity.

I am truly terrified that this experience was like some sort of a sign that all my past experiences were real and that, if I keep smelling this and the theory of 'Phantom Smells' is real, then this is a confirmation to my house containing some kind of poltergeists or ghosts. I am serious and I really would appreciate you getting back to me and letting me know what you think of that phantom smell theory and whether you think my story could really signify me having a ghost in my house. Please, I am so terrified.

True Ghost Story: Orbs and perfume in accident victim's apartment

Hi Kat, A young woman (34) who lived in my apartment before me, died in a car accident on August 14, 2014. I moved in on November 15. Since she didn't die here, I had no worries.

Last evening, August 3, 2014, while still-photographing my cat, through the iPhone screen, I saw an orb fly by. I panicked!

I was having a friend overnight, so I turned the video on in the bedroom and went to where the computer is to out some email for a while. All of the sudden my head was filled with the strong scent of an unknown perfume. My friend did not smell it in the kitchen.

When I went back in the bedroom to check the video about 10 minutes later, I noticed that right after I left the room, an orb flew from my bed to the television very quickly like a shooting star up toward the ceiling and back down. It sort of bounced. I haven't watch the entire video yet.

I don't know if this was my apartment predecessor or not. And since there have been no scares previously, I imagine whomever has been here since I have, or not, is safe or lost. It just startled me.

I recently stayed at the legitimate haunted hotel and captured many orbs on my iPhone video camera. They communicated with the spirits by putting small Maglights on the dressers of the bedrooms and asking the spirits, if they were there, to turn the light on or off. And most of the time they did, I also captured this.

It's something I'm willing to do at home, yet a little frightened. What's your thought on this?

Many thanks for reading my story and have a great time.

What a wonderful site!

Unknown Presence. "I felt and sensed someone else in the house."

I've lived in my house nearly four years now. In the past two months I felt and sensed someone else in the house like sort of presence. Why have I only felt and sensed this presence in the last couple of months and never any other time in the last 3-1/2 years I've been living here?

About a week ago me and my partner were in bed when I felt a presence at the door and I noticed my partner was looking at the door as well, which I found weird. I turned round to look at the door, then turned round to look at him. Then I felt a hard slap around my face which made my head move as I said ouch raising my hand to my face.

I was baffled and freaked out to what just happened.

My partner was staring at me with a confused look on his face. When he asked what was going on, I explained to him what just happened. He noticed a red mark on the left side of my eye. This is when I find out that he felt as if someone was just about to walk through the door that's the reason he was looking at it. Why did he only get that feeling never before that happened and not again since?? Has anyone got a explanation or answers to what we experienced? Please.

The voice said, "I am the old one." And the voice was gone.

I searched out your site because the story I'm going tell haunts me to this day. When I was a young wife and mother my young husband became very ill and very quickly I became sole caregiver to both my husband and our little girl. We lost our home and had to move into a rundown apartment. For several months we didn't know if my husband would live to see Christmas and I had to let go of my job to care for my family on social services.

Six months later my husband went on home care and I started to look for enough work to bring in some money but not so many hours that I couldn't meet their needs. An impossible feat but I had to try. I ended up working three days a week in stock at a warehouse. I was exhausted and felt I was dragging a very heavy load. Then we were told by the doctors that my husband's condition could be controlled, but he would probably never return to work again and his medical team was striving to keep his present heath stable. My husband was born with a heart condition that would eventually take his life and heart transplant was not recommended because of other complication.

One night after returning home from work I gave my husband his painkiller and he turned over on his side and fell into a deep sleep. It was my habit to wait till he and my daughter were asleep before I would go to bed, just in case they would need me. I laid down next to my husband and turned the opposite way and started to drift off, but before I could fall asleep I felt a soft breath on my cheek and very close to my right ear. I SHOULD have thought that it was my husband, but, don't tell me how I knew, I knew that it was not him. I focused on my husband's laboured breathing and I heard the steady breathing next to my ear. I wasn't as frightened as I was confused.

"My very soul was weeping."

Then I heard a deep male voice say, "Eva what do you want?"

It was odd, I could have said a million things, but I answered, "I want to go home." When I answered, I felt that my very soul was weeping.

The voice said, "You will."

I asked in a very determined voice, "Who are you?"

The voice said, "I am the old one." And the voice was gone.

To this day this chills me to the bones. There was no sense that it was good or evil. I was shocked at the conversation I had because it was so odd especially on my end. Instead of feeling reassured and spiritual I felt intruded on. These were my immediate feelings afterward. I've tried to research on line what the old one meant, but so far I haven't found anything that satisfied me and my experience. I'm hoping that someone has an answer.

"I was very afraid when I heard the audio from the tape…"

(minor edits) My husband put a video camera in our bedroom because of his jealousy. He videotaped me one night for 25 minutes. He believed he saw me … with another man. I saw where I moved my toddler children around in the bed, because they sleep with me while he is away. … In the last three minutes of recording, I hear myself say, "Did you like it?" and a very deep male voice said, "Yes."

I did in fact dream I was with another man … and I woke up when I heard myself speak in my sleep. This dream didn't last the 25 minutes my husband recorded because I woke up twice to move my kids around before hearing myself talking in my sleep. We also see a figure of what could be a man standing very close to my bed. You cannot see me and my two toddler children because the room is dark. It's suspicious how the figure is clearer than the people who slept in the bed (my two kids and I). I was very afraid when I heard the audio from the tape, because I was asleep the entire night and didn't have a man in my home.

This by far has been the most unbelievable supernatural experience of my life. We still have the audio and video.

"A woman's voice called out … I thought it was my imagination."

Just recently I was trying to work on my vibration through meditation. That night as I poured soy milk, a woman's voice called out, "Soy, soy." I just thought it was my imagination. Looked at my phone to make sure no one was on it. That night my dog wasn't feeling too good. I had to put him out, went back to bed. At this time my husband was up. We both heard, "Bon jour," coming from the living room. It sounded like the same woman. We were both freaking out. At about 15 minutes later, the voice came from the basement saying, "So, so." My husband wanted to know if someone was in our basement.

We were both scared mostly because it took us by surprise. No television or computers were on. Why would they say these words that don't really mean anything? I don't think it was bad. Didn't sleep well last night after that.

Phantom Smell — Strong Perfume or Aftershave. Nan's Spirit?

I'm laying in bed and I smell a strong perfume or aftershave that I've only ever smelt in my nan's house who passed away last year. I got up and looked around my room smelling my perfumes, clothes or bed sheets to see if it was the smell. But nothing.

I lay down again and the smell comes back, so this time I move my head a little to the side and there's nothing, and back straight again and it's stronger. So over time it dies down, but when I start getting a little freaked out, I start looking on the internet for explanations and it comes back so much stronger than before.

It's really getting me worked up.

Ghost Voices — Not the radio or TV. "It was a little spooky."

About 6 months ago, I was washing dishes in the kitchen. I was alone in the house. I could hear people talking. I could not hear what they were saying, but I could tell it was like three people talking. I thought I had maybe left the radio on. The voices continued until I stepped into the TV room and they immediately stopped. No TV was on. It was a little spooky, but I just forgot about it.

My 12 year old grandson was spending the night a few nights ago. We had been in the living room together. I left and went to the restroom. He left to go upstairs. When I came out the restroom, he said, "Did you hear the people talking?" He said it was very clear.

I asked what happened. He said he left to go upstairs, when he got half way up the stairs, he heard a group of people talking. He said he thought maybe the TV was on. He turned and came back down the steps. He said he continued to hear the voices. When he got down the first flight into the foyer, he said it was so clear like a group of people having conversations. He came down the last few stairs and as soon as he got in the room, he said it immediately stopped.

I asked did he recognize any of the voices. He said no.

Strange noises. Strange smell.

So few months ago I was sitting at the kitchen table, as was everyone else. And I felt a hand touch me. Then I started hearing strange noises and the cats started acting weird. They used to sleep in bed with me, but now they won't even step into my room. And this morning (May 14, 2014) I was laying in bed and I felt pressure on my bed, as if someone was sitting on it. And since Saturday a strange smell keeps following me and no one else smells it.

If anyone is an expert on this stuff please contact me.

A really nice perfume smell. A Mother's Day greeting from the other side?

So today is Mother's Day. While I was sleeping last night, yes, after midnight, so it is now and was Mother's Day, 5-11-14. As I am sleeping, I remember very distinctly smelling perfume, a smell I don't think I have ever smelled before, but I remember it being a really nice smell and bringing a smile to my face. At first I felt concerned as I was sleeping, but then I remember it calming me. Now my mom is still alive, but my grandmother has passed on and I was very, very close to her.

Phantom Smell — "A strong smell of perfume. Only I could smell it."

Woke up around 3 am to a strong smell of perfume. Only I could smell it. No one else in the house could. It was weird, I only smelled it in my bedroom, but it wasn't there when I went to bed around 11 pm. Could it be a visitor from beyond? I think so…

"Suddenly I became aware of a presence. I smelled soap…"

Only this morning (May 6) I was in bed when suddenly I became aware that someone I knew was in my room. I had been visiting this person and their spouse only yesterday. I had a stressful night, but I managed to fall asleep. Suddenly I became aware of a presence. I smelled soap, the very same smell that was in the bathroom of my friends house. I recognized that smell at once, like Dove soap. I knew at once it was my friend. I knew they were there. I'm sure I felt them touch me, gently laying their hands on my shoulders. In my mind, I called their names. The sensation lasted only about 10 seconds. Then the presence went, so too did the smell of Dove soap. My friends by the way are very spiritual people.

Could they be trying to reach me, or assure me? I didn't feel scared by the way, as I was certain it was one of them.

Ghost voice? Ghost smells? "A man's voice clearly says "owls." Which wasn't so funny."

I collect things with owls on them. My daughter made a compilation video of my extensive collection, thinking it was funny how many items are around the house. Later when she watched her video, a man's voice clearly says "owls." Which wasn't so funny because she was home alone for the night.

I occasionally smell coffee in the morning when coffee has not been made. And I'll smell cigarette odor in my house and none of us smoke. I haven't shared these experiences with my husband, thinking he'd think I was crazy. But last night he came up to bed and said, "I was in the downstairs bathroom and it smelled like cigarettes" then he said "and some mornings I smell coffee when I know there is no coffee."

I'm so curious who is here with us.

"I felt chills up my spine. I know what I heard."

(edited for privacy) I have had several spine tingling stories, most took place at my parents' home in Kentucky. I lived there 34 years. Back in 1988 I was 21 and still lived with my parents. My mom worked second shift, my dad was retired. One night I was home alone with daddy and my mom was at work. I had been watching a TV program. My dad was an older man in his late 60s.

I had not heard him in about a hour at that time. So I got up, walked to the edge of our hallway and hollered down the hall, "Daddy are you okay?"

I heard as plain as day, his voice say, "I am down here. Down the hallway." His bedroom was down the hall. I ran to his room expecting to find him. He wasn't there. I felt chills up my spine. I know what I heard.

I ran to the living room to look out to see if I saw his truck, it was gone. He had gone over to the store. So whose voice did I hear?

The home was built in 1959 for my parents, no deaths have occurred there except for pets—a cat and a bird in the house.

Phantom Smell — "Strong smoke smell … so strong I get headaches."

I have this strong smoke smell in my nose, so strong I get headaches. Nobody in my household smokes. This is everywhere I go and has been going on for a few years, on and off a few months straight. It stops for a while and comes back. There are many people who have passed and most recent is my father. If anyone has same problem please send me any info you have. Thank you.

Ghost Ride on the Motorbike in Rotherham

Can you please help, I'm having some really strange happenings around me. Not only is it me, who has witnessed this, but so too the wife and friends. So at least I know it's not all in my head.

Things have moved in front of our eyes with no reason, whatsoever!

I hear my name being called at times, when this occurs it's always twice, never once or three times, but twice. I have heard voices, when riding my motorbike, which is strange as it may be, moments later after taking notice and done what I heard … seemingly I have been saved from a near death crash. This has occurred no less than four times, over the last six years!

Ghost in the Passenger Seat

My story happened when I was in my early 20's. I had an older car in need of a thermostat. I had the thermostat purchased and in my back seat, but due to a recent move my tools were in my grandmother’s garage 25 miles away. I headed off to her house before rush hour hit, but like usual I still got caught up in the clog. My car overheated so I had to pull over on the highway to let it cool down. At the time, I did not have a cell phone so I just sat there waiting. I was not worried about my situation because I knew what was wrong with my car and what I needed to do to get it fixed. So I just waited patiently for it to cool. I rolled down my window, turned on some music and started thinking about my current college classes and what needed to be done. There was no concern going through my head over my current situation.

While in mid-thought over my current school project. A female voice coming from my passenger seat said, "Someone is going to stop and help you." It stopped me dead in thought, my eyes were probably huge and I froze, staring forward in shock. I don't recall hearing the music playing, nor the traffic outside. Just her voice "Someone is going to stop and help you" clear as day like there was a living person in the car. This was not something in my head because I heard it out of my right ear only. I stared in the direction the voice came for a while in an attempt to figure things out. I waved my hand in the area it came from, but felt no strange sensations. I know what I clearly heard.

Phantom Sound and Smell — Wind Chimes and Perfume: "I smelled my grandmother's perfume, very distinct, as if sprayed right under my nose …"

My grandmother passed when I was 10. We shared a very strong bond. I have her eyes and humour. The summer of her passing, I was at home, alone (lived in that house for 22 years, at the time I was only 10 though) and never once, had I heard wind chimes there. I lived in a cul-de-sac, very very quiet neighbourhood. It was a hot day, I was sitting on the couch, house empty, porch door open, I was watching some cartoons on TV or some show. All of a sudden … a GUST of wind came through the door as if someone was blowing a high powered fan to my face, with a soothing warm breeze. I then smelled my grandmother's perfume, very distinct, as if sprayed right under my nose … then I heard wind chimes, LITERALLY, as if someone was dangling them from my left ear. I whispered her name, and I felt completely safe. I hope it was her.

"I felt a strange pressure and the perfume was getting stronger."

Very early in the morning, 5.00am i was heading to a LAN shop to do some research about my science project. After walking on a silent road. I smell a strong perfume smell which I didn't know and I did show a lady with long hair carrying a umbrella. It's very uncommon to see lady with umbrella in the morning when it's not raining. Her clothing was like a kimono kind of style. I can't see it from the front view. I was walking behind her. I had my headphones on because I know something bad will happen in a very quiet area. After passing by her, I felt a strange pressure and the perfume was getting stronger. (I did research and the perfume is a Frangipani flower.) My culture is Muslim. Some people might not know what this ghost is called. I did another research and it's called a Pontianak. After that day, I didn't want to go out early in the morning again.

Cold water … a distinct odor … and foot nudging!

I believe I have shared a similar account (on this site?), but here I am again lying awake in the middle of the night, a bit unnerved. I was woken by something nudging my foot, and then the sensation of cold water drops. I checked though, there was no wetness. Turned on my lights and there was nothing to see. After a minute of sitting in bed, I got up to get a sip of water. When I got back to my room, I walked into a very pleasant pocket of odor. It was the distinct odor of Florida Water. A sweet and calming old fashioned perfume scent.

Phantom Smell — Ghost Smell of Dad's Aftershave

On December 4th it was my birthday. My dad died before I could come home to be with him. My mom said it was quick, but my brother, two sisters and mom were there.

I was doing laundry on my birthday and the smell of my dad's aftershave filled the room. It lasted for about 15 minutes or so. I was so excited, I called my mom and told her what I smelled. You see he was my stepdad who had raised me all his life. My real dad did nothing for me. My stepdad also worked hard and had polio that affected his walking.

Just wish I could have told him goodbye.

Unexplained Smell: "Like a man's cologne."

I kept smelling good smells in my kitchen mainly around my refrigerator. I never smelled the smell before, but somehow I knew it was from a spirit because we, my son and I, had been on a walk past a cemetery. It is said spirits in the cemeteries like to cling on to the young, especially the younger children. Anyway, ever since our walk, several times I have gone to my refrigerator and I smelled such a good smell, which seem to smell like a man's cologne. I got so used to it happening, I started talking to the spirit I regarded as a male. I would just say "Hi, hello, your cologne sure smells good today." "WOW. You sure do smell good." "I wonder what is the name of it?"

After a while he went away, but not before my little boy saw him standing at his bedroom door and called out to me. My son came running to me to tell me. He said the man (white) was medium height with a bibbed cap, shorts, and he looked like he was playing golf. When we went back into the room, my son said the spirit was gone. I searched and afterwards I laid down with him until he fell asleep.

Phantom Smell — Smelling Marshmallows

For a while now, I've been smelling marshmallows. I always look around for the source of the smell, only to find out there is no trace of marshmallows whatsoever. For example, recently I was on my way home from visiting my big sister. While on the road, the smell came. I had nothing in the car that was even close to the smell of marshmallows.

Phantom Smell — Perfumes. Smoke. Food.

The past couple months I have awakened in panic because I can smell different scents. Sometimes perfumes, sometimes smoke, sometimes food. I don't remember all the smells I have smelt. I will wake up and ask my hubby who is usually watching TV if he smelt that. He always says, no. I don't understand what is going on. I can't remember all the smells either. But they are familiar. Can anyone comment on this or give me any information on why I keep waking up at night to different smells. It's been going on for sometime now.

Paranormal Photos: Dog with Yellow Eyes

My friend always takes pictures in the mirror while sitting on the couch and she has a photo of what looks like a dog with yellow eyes does anyone know what this means or of it is a dog that has passed away? Plz email* me if u have info.

Strange Happenings. Power control switches turn on.

I had some strange things happen two years ago. They occurred over a period of a few months and then stopped. I have my computer set up so that it has a main shut off switch that kills all power to it. You have to turn it on then press the tower button to turn on the computer. One night I went into the room where the computer is to get something and the computer turned on instantly. This happened again a week later. I had been in the room and as I left I heard the computer come on. There's no way this could accidentally happen.

A few weeks later I was painting the ceiling and walls of our TV room. There's a ceiling fan I had to paint around to finish the ceiling and then I finished the walls. There's a door in the room going out on the deck. Next to the door are three switches. One controls the ceiling fan, one turns on a light in the room, and one turns on an exterior light. I left the room to get the switch plate for the three switches and when I returned all three switches were turned on. None of them were on when I left the room and I was the only one home. In fact all of the things happened when I was alone.

To make a long story short, things kept turning themselves on. Including a toaster oven that is turned on by twisting a knob. Assorted flashlights came on by themselves. I had two professional electricians check the wiring … nothing was wrong. Then suddenly it all stopped. I wish that it hadn't … it was very interesting. Oh, and one other thing. On two different nights I heard noises in our master bedroom bath. When I went in to check, the sink stopper had been pulled and water was in the bowl.

Phantom Smell — "Nobody smells them, only me."

I smell strong scents: some good, others rotten, in the early hours out of nowhere, and they stay for a long time. Nobody smells them, only me. It bothers me and I wonder … What is it? Somebody can give an answer please?

Unexplained Sounds: Wind chimes and jet engines

I awoke this morning (Nov. 10 2013) to the very clear and distinctive sound of wind chimes … and a jet passing over. The chimes sounded like they were many and right in my room. The sound of an outside overhead jet sounded like it was not passing, but rather, circling. This went on for at least a minute or two. I questioned whether I was awake and knew I was. I picked up the radio alarm clock and checked it, not it. I got out of bed and the sound slowly dissipated. I have been worrying a lot about family members, one of whom is soon to pass. I have to wonder also if this was about that. So I am asking: Any ideas on what this was?

Sister's Ghost Touch: "I felt someone touch me on my back."

Several things have happened to me in the past six years. My sister had died seven years ago. She was 46 and I was 44. I had an experience in my apartment about a year later. While laying in bed I would always feel like someone had just sat down on the bed. At first I just blew it off thinking it was my cat, but it would happen while my cat was laying next to me. Another experience was, while staying at my daughter's, I felt someone touch me on my back. I looked at my daughter and asked her if she just touched me, she said no. Then two minutes later I felt another touch on my lower back. I just said, "OK sis, I know you're here."

Unexplained Sound: "Hearing a beautiful three note music late at night."

As I sat in my chair on the porch one night, I heard the coyotes calling out to each other. Soon all of the yips and howls were silent and I heard a beautiful three notes of music as if coming from an instrument like a flute. And honestly, it was a richer sound than a flute and just beautiful … almost hypnotic, I can imagine, if it had gone on any longer. But just three notes held out and intentional like … not like wind. Then suddenly, it was as if the world started turning again and the normal nightly sounds were back.

Living on acreage with no near neighbors, I found it strange and now my curiosity of what could have expelled such a sound has me intrigued. I've known all the sounds of animals and nature here since I was a child and have never heard this. Any thoughts?

Phantom Smell — "I began to smell a sort of fragrant smell…"

I was driving into Sheffield UK yesterday (28/10/2013) with two dogs in the back of my car. I began to smell a sort of fragrant smell (was not sure what it was). It began to get stronger. I opened the windows expecting it to go as the traffic was building up and I thought the fumes would get rid of it!

Then I thought, as one of the dogs been sick. I was confused and needed an explanation, but could not stop the car at this point to check.

Five minutes later, I checked the dogs and they where fine. The smell was starting to fade. I took the dogs home and their owner gave me a Thank You present, wrapped.

I was driving back through the rush hour traffic and thought, ooo, I wonder if there are chocolates in the present, I would not mind a few on the drive home. I tried to open the parcel while in the traffic jam. Disappointed there were no chocolates. Then I saw it was a Smelly gift set. I turned a few minutes later and had a smell. Guess what? The smell was back.

I was so confused as I had smelled this all the way to the dog drop off home, then started to look today if this is a common occurrence in people. Please excuse my grammar I am in a rush before my family wakes up and thinks I am crazy.

Phantom Smell — "Out of nowhere, this very strong perfume smell happens to come up."

I kinda feel like a crazy person right now because it's like a part of my body senses is opening up without any control. So I am sitting here on my couch watching cartoons with my kids and just checking my e-mail etc. when out of nowhere, this very strong perfume smell happens to come up.

So I am looking at my kids, seeing if they have anything to cause it, ya know, and then ask them, "What's that smell?" and they said, "Nothing, mommy." My two older ones are five and six, well I went and made them stand up and show me their hands just to be sure 'cause you know kids. Well, they didn't have anything so I am still looking around because it just kept getting strong and the farther I got from my seat on the couch, the less I smelled it, but the closer I got, the stronger it smelled.

Well I did everything. I lifted the cushions. I looked by and under the couch and on the back, and still found nothing that could have made it. So I was just standing after I searched, boggled as to what it could be because it has never happened before and I don't own any body sprays or perfumes or anything and it smelled like a women's perfume scent.

I got a wild hair to look it up on Google and all this stuff about a perfume ghost came up and paranormal activity and everything, so now I am here. I would like to understand this more because this perfume thing is a first, but it's not a first on interaction with the paranormal. There have been plenty of pics I have taken that have orbs in them and even got two videos of them being caught moving in them.

Phantom Smell — Persistent fragrance of flowers in the night.

Last night I was woken by the scent of flowers in my room. At first I thought I was dreaming, but as I took a deeper breath I realized I was awake. I wasn't alarmed so went back to sleep. This happened again but this time the scent was different, like it was from a another type of flower. I went back to sleep. The third time the scent woke me, but this time it had more of a earthy scent, not exactly pleasant. Again, I went back to sleep. The final time I was awoken, the scent of flowers had returned. The remainder of the night passed without further incident.

I was never alarmed or frightened, just curious as to what might be going on.

"I woke up at 3:05 a.m. smelling men’s cologne …"

For the past several months, all of my children have gone to sleep in mine, and my husband's, room. The two oldest have been sleeping on the floor and the three-year-old in the bed. Last night everyone seemed restless. My two oldest tossed and turned and one curled into a ball. My husband woke up around 1:00 a.m. sleep walking talking about a wire being loose, then I woke up at 3:05 a.m. smelling men's cologne—a kind of old-school musky scent. My husband was in bed. I walked to the bathroom and there was no smell. I walked back to the bed and no smell on his side either. I got to my side and the smell was REALLY strong.

The strangest thing is, I started thinking about my grandfather who passed about a year and a half ago. I laid down and the smell would come and go. At one point I sat up in bed again and looked around the room. Then, it was gone. I laid down and went to sleep. I told my kids and husband this morning and they thought it was really bizarre. What does this mean?

Phantom Smell — "Strong smell of Lily of the Valley … and tobacco smoke."

Three nights ago the strong smell of Lily of the Valley, and my mother smelt tobacco smoke. We are 190 miles apart. Next day we found out stepdad's father had passed at the same time we both smelt something.

Phantom Smell — "I was wakened by the strong smell of a man's cologne."

All I know is that I was sleeping very well, and about 3:40 in the morning, I was wakened out of a good deep sleep by the strong smell of a man's cologne. The smell was right by my side of the bed. What does this mean?

Sometimes, I feel like when my husband is working the night shift, I'm not home alone. Please let me know what this is.

"The curtains would move without the air…"

I have had what seems like paranormal activities since I was seven. Children and dogs, I have heard, can see the spirits. So at that age I would wake up at 3am every night and a figure would be standing there at the end of my bed and would follow me all the way to my grandparents' room.

Some nights the rocking chair would move and you could see a person sitting there. It went away for a while, but than last year it followed me. I would hear doors slam and the curtains would move without the air, windows, or doors being opened.

Now my husband and I recently moved back to my grandparents' house and at the screen door I smell a funeral odor. When I go back to that same spot it would be gone. What could this mean?

Phantom Smell — "Someone is smoking a pipe."

I moved into my flat four months ago and every now and again I get a strong smell as if someone is smoking a pipe. The flats were built 40 years ago. Also one night the sound of a man's laughter. It didn't scare me but I'm wondering if I have a visitor.

Phantom Noise — "It sounded like someone threw our dishes onto the ground."

My family and I have lived in our house for over five years, but all of these strange things keep happening to us no matter where we move to. One night everyone was in their room sound asleep, then we all heard this huge crash. It literally sounded like someone came into our kitchen and threw all of our dishes on to the ground. It freaked us all out.

That same night we all had the same dream. After the dishes crash, the next day my younger sister (age 13) had stayed home alone for the day. She had an outfit hanging on the doorknob of our pantry. She had her back turned to it and all of a sudden it flew up and was across the room. She was so terrified she had to leave the house.

After that, things seem to do things on their own. They move themselves and they disappear and appear in other places. Doors close on their own and voices say our names. I'm not even afraid anymore, but if we call help or have the house blessed we're afraid it'll cause this spirit to become angry.

Phantom Smell — "Every now and then we smell Brut."

My grandson passed away fifteen months ago. When he was little, he used to wear Brut. He played this game with me to tease his grandfather, by having me smell has neck. Every now and then both my husband and myself smell Brut. I believe he's with us.

"… I was suddenly surrounded with my mother's favorite perfume."

My mom passed away a year ago from cancer. I live with guilt all the time because I wasn't at her side because I was in another country at the time. The other day I was feeling exceptionally bad due to guilt and also worrying about the future. I decided to read which is my favorite pastime to get away and escape. No more than a minute into my reading and I was suddenly surrounded with my mother's favorite perfume. Her perfume is VERY distinct and is called Patchouli, which is essentially a musk. I was surrounded by this smell and I was just suddenly stunned and found tears dropping down my cheeks. It was like she was telling me she is okay, and everything will work out for me as well...

Phantom Smell — "… I smell lilacs, even in the dead of winter."

I know my Grandma is near when I smell lilacs, even in the dead of winter. I know my Aunt Gigi is near when I smell lemons. I know my step dad is near when I smell the over powering smell of cigarette smoke. For the past two weeks I smell an overpowering smell of chemicals; it's so strong I have to get up and move. I don't know who it is, but it makes me afraid. The smell doesn't follow me, none of them do, but I can get up and move and come back and there it is.

This bad smell comes at about the same time every night, around 9PM. No one else can smell these smells, not even the chemical smell. This smell scares me. I feel myself getting angry and telling it to go away, which it may, but it comes back off and on for the next hour or so. I don't know who it is, but I'm afraid it's my mother, who died four months ago. We had a bad relationship and had rarely spoken the last 12 years of her life.

Ghost text? Message from dead husband?

At age 56 I was diagnosed with Stage-4 colon cancer. My husband became ill and was told he had only weeks to live due to cancer also. It happened at home when he died and only a couple of days passed when I decided to go through some of his things because I felt restless and couldn't sleep. He had old jackets I put in trash bags to get rid of. I put them next to the closet to put out in the morning. I laid down to watch TV and minutes later my TV screen went black and a message looking just like a text showed up; it read, "I doing ok how bout you? Look in jacket pocket" and the TV was frozen that way. I could not believe it.

Was this a message from my dead husband? I yelled for my son in the next room sleeping. In shock from what he was seeing, he took the TV and had to reset it to get it working again.

The next morning still not knowing what had happened, I did look into his jacket pockets and found money that he had saved. I was in a state of shock and left my home and never returned. My sons pack up all my belongings and moved out. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them? I need some answers.

Ghosts getting too close.

In 1992 my husband and I separated and I went and stayed with my Mom and my Aunt. (She moved in with my Mom when her husband died of cancer.) My Mom had me stay in my Aunt's room. (She had twin beds.) Every night something would wake me up—someone was tapping on my arm. When I opened my eyes I could see dark figures on the wall—I was afraid so I closed my eyes and prayed till day break.

My psychiatrist thought I had gone over the edge. I told my Mom what happened and she let me sleep in her room without a problem. It is now 2013, I live in a hotel that is 131 years old.

In the past month I have smelled a strong perfume smell in my room. Today I was in the bathroom and had the door open. When I came out into the sleeping area of my studio there was a very strong smell of perfume. Everyone knows the building has ghosts; we usually ignore them, but now that they are in my room I'm not sure what to do.

Phantom Smell — "… Gorgeous smell of roses IN MY CAR …"

My mother passed away in 2009, and I have been having issues with my foot since my car accident last year. She and I shared the same car I still have. However, when I was on my way to the 8th doctor after being misdiagnosed so long and tired, I was driving, windows up, no roses that I saw, and I smelled this gorgeous smell of roses IN MY CAR for about two miles. She loved roses.

I can only hope that since that doctor has finally diagnosed my issue and we are finally moving forward to treatment, she was there comforting me along the way and I was praying to God to help me. Thoughts as this have NEVER happened before? LOL.

Phantom Smell — "A sweet pleasant perfume odor passed by."

I have had other paranormal activity happen when I was a girl. I am now 51 years old. The other day when I was sitting on the couch and watching TBN there were three times a sweet pleasant perfume odor that I could not describe pass by. It lasted a few seconds.

A sweet smell of roses was also evident in the room my dad died in a year ago. It was strange to me because I was not wearing any perfume and nothing had spilled that would indicate any of my perfume was broken. Would be nice to know what it was that happened.

"My room was filled with strange, disgustingly sweet fragrance."

Hello. … Today I woke up and felt a strange presence. So far I cannot yet tell if it is "good" or "evil." I just sense that I am not alone which has become rather ordinary thing for me for couple of years already. Apart from this entity I sensed that my room was filled with strange disgustingly-sweet fragrance which is strange because I do not use such perfume, nor do any of the people I live with.

I have had different kind of paranormal experiences like dark and bright shadows and mists, orbs, noises, physical encounters and such, so I can tell when an entity out of the "ordinary" is present, but this has so far been the strangest because I have never ever in my life smelled anything with my nose. I usually sense smells somewhere within my pharynx, but this time it was my nose that sensed the odor. I cannot explain it and none of the people I live with can sense this odor.

I have never shared my past experiences in this kind of way, so this is my first time putting it out here on the internet. Just thought I'd share this somewhere. Thank You.

Phantom Sounds — "I used to hear scratching on my wall. … I remember being scared for my life."

I used to hear scratching on my wall. One night I went to bed and forgot to leave my bathroom light on. I started to dream that I was in darkness and being chased by something. I remember being scared for my life and at some point I ask God to come get me before whatever it was got me. I started to sing the Jesus loves me song. As I sang I started to be surrounded by light … it was the light that woke me up. I remember thinking that the sun was shining in my room. I got up the next morning, my daughter, then 7, came out of her room and ask me what I was doing in my room last night. I ask her what she met, she said that the light that was coming out of my room was so bright that it woke her up! The scratching on my wall stopped after that.

"A few nights after he died there was a really strong smell of lilies."

My lovely husband passed away in September last year (2012) after a long, painful illness. I looked after him at home with community nurses coming in three times a day. He wanted to die at home and did so with all the family around him. We had talked about him letting me know he was okay and he promised he would always look after me.

A few nights after he died there was a really strong smell of lilies. It was so overpowering it made me feel sick and I had to put my head under the duvet. I have smelt it nearly every day at least once since then, but now it is a lovely pleasant smell, not so strong. I have smelt this not just at home but when I have been out too. My daughter has also smelt it but not when I have.

Once, when I felt particularly low, I was sitting on the sofa and I smelt the flowery smell. I spoke to my husband and told him how much I loved and missed him. Suddenly it felt like I was enveloped by a giant marshmallow wrapped around me and I felt at peace. I am sure this is my dear husband but what do you think?

A "Warm, Free Feeling Smell" when Loved Ones Passed.

(submitted Nov. 8 2012) My beautiful Mum passed away just 3 weeks ago. I sensed Mum was going to pass away that evening. I couldn't leave her all day, I had to be by her side, and everything I did, I did in a hurry so I could get back to Mum. It was about 3 p.m. and I went into the garden to check for post and I could smell Mum, a pleasant smell outside in the air that we breathe. I knew then that this was Mum's time. Mum passed away that evening. The same experience happened to me nine years ago when my Brother died. I could smell him outside in the air. The smell wasn't of a bad nature; it was a warm, free feeling smell. If I said comforting, but in a sad way, would you understand?!?

Phantom Smell — The Strong Smell of Perfume. A Child's Spirit.

Last night I was in bed watching television. I had a conversation earlier with my mother about an abortion. I thought that my child's spirit was around me and told her how weird it was!!! Anyway I went home totally forgot about the conversation. Out of no where, I smell my perfume. Strongly in the air. It's about midnight and I rarely put on perfume, but that day I had put that same perfume on for work. The smell lingered strongly for about five minutes. I was freaked out, but not totally scared. WEIRD.

Phantom Smell — Fragrance of Husband's Cologne in Car

I was driving along the road the other day and even had my car windows rolled down enjoying the sunshine and fresh air when all of a sudden i had an overwhelming sense of cologne smell. It was so strong it was weird cuz I was thinking to myself that kinda reminds me of my husband's cologne he used to wear. After a few seconds it went away. It was very interesting and was the first time experiencing that.

The Smell of Perfume. A Touch on the Arm. Voices and White Feathers.

Hello, my sister keeps having weird things happen in her house. She keeps smelling this gorgeous perfume smell in the doorway of her kitchen. She keeps feeling someone stroke her arm. She keeps hearing a women shout, "Mom." The TV keeps switching itself on and off—just very weird things, but also, she keeps having white feathers. We know someone is trying to tell her something but we are all worried it's going to be bad news.

Sudden Fragrance of Sweet Perfume

I'll make this as brief as possible. My wife and I have been smelling a very sweet perfume on a regular basis as we sit down to watch a TV program. This strange effect has been going on for about two weeks. I usually grab a whiskey on ice and a beer and kick back and relax on the couch around 8 to 9 p.m. Usually two or three evenings a week while we become engrossed in a show the odor just pops up and begins to waft around me. It usually is contained in an area of about three feet, but sometimes drifts out further to the extent that my wife notices it. I can assure everyone that the smell is not from any fragrance that either I or my wife have in the home.

I consider myself to be a somewhat spiritual person, but I also remain very skeptical of things I don't understand; I do not immediately jump to conclusions that angels or passed souls are visiting me, but I am at a loss as to how to explain this phenomena. Any thoughts from readers would be appreciated.

The Smell of Cancer

My sister has passed away in June of 2012 and ever since, every couple of days. I can smell her. I know cancer has a smell, but to smell it every couple of days is weird to me.

White Fingertips Tapping on the Window … Two Stories Up!

One night I felt afraid! I noticed in all my life experience that if I felt afraid it would mean I could sense that I was being haunted by a ghost or entity. One night I felt afraid and could sense that I was being haunted by something. It kept me awake. I was nineteen years old at the time. I then decided to go to the bathroom which was closer to more people which made me feel more secure.

I stayed in there for about half an hour. Then I looked at the bathroom window. I saw some white fingertips tapping on the window. I was so scared that I couldn't even move. I knew it couldn't have been a burglar because no human could have climbed up to my two-story window. Then I went into my room to go to sleep. I began to hear the same tapping on my bedroom window. I stayed awake for quite awhile.

Birthday Wishes from Beyond

The day of my birthday I woke up with a song in my head related to this loved one that passed away 16 years ago, it was like a radio playing this song inside my head. Then I went to the bathroom and I smell a nice perfume or cologne and I wondered if the song and the perfume had to do with him, telling me happy birthday my love?

Deceased Granddad Checking In

My granddad left us when I was six, he was strict Catholic and me and my sister were his babies. I loved him dearly and miss him even now. On my thirteenth birthday I went shopping with my family and a friend. All of a sudden all I could smell was my granddad, his smell was so distinctive but indescribable, I could recognize it instantly. I was hit with tears, but after a couple of seconds, it was gone. Please I need to know if my granddad came to see his baby grow into a teenager????

Smelling Flowers in Winter

Just last week I was sitting in the lounge. And a really strong smell of flowers was around my nose. It was so strong. Then about three days later it happened again. Then my husband said he had it as well. It's never happened before. It was very overwhelming. Just wondering if anybody else has experienced the same thing.

Mum's Spirit Remains and Perfume Lingers

My beautiful mum died on the 9th of August 2011. Four months later on her birthday the 14th of December, I was sitting in my lounge room. I have a picture of her on my TV cabinet. I looked at it as I was watching TV, and saw that she was talking to me. Her head was moving and she was smiling and laughing. I couldn't hear what she was saying. That night I went to bed, had a dream mum told me to get my grandson who is 11 to church. We are Catholic and he is having a lot of mental problems.

Do you think this is what she was trying to tell me from the picture? Or was she trying to tell me something else? Please help as I have not accepted my mum's death and I miss her greatly. I know she is with me as I smell her perfume all the time especially when I'm driving.

Spanish Seasonings Linger after Departed Dad

About a year ago I was driving to work and in my car I could smell my deceased father. My dad was Spanish and his home and he always smelled of seasonings. Yesterday October 24th I was once again driving to work (no food in my car) and all I could smell was my dad.

On November 13th next month he will be dead for 6 years. I have been going through a lot of problems lately in my life, and I'm wondering if it's my father's way of letting me know he's with me. I was told it means he was by my side in the car. I just know the smell and all I could smell was my dad.

Mum Came to Say Goodbye - Strong Smell of Cigarette Smoke

My mother had a blood clot burst suddenly and unexpectedly on her brain on Saturday 15th October 2011. She was clinically brain dead and her life support had been turned off at 6am. I was four hours drive away. She was breathing on her own and at 9.30am I smelled strong cigarette smoke in my car, none of us smoke, we were on a motorway and mum was a heavy smoker.

I called my brother and he said she was still breathing … just, and holding on for me to get there. At 10am there was a strong smell again of cigarette smoke in the car. My husband could also smell it.

A few minutes later my brother called to say she had gone. I got there an hour too late, but I believe that she came to us to say goodbye as her physical body could hold on no longer. We are not religious (although mum was) and my partner does not believe anything we cannot see … however this has made me re-assess all of my beliefs. My mum visited me in the car. I know it. Where is she now though? Is she with Jesus in Heaven (as was her wishes?).

A Lifetime of Unexplained Sounds: Dragging and Ticking Clock

The youngest I remember hearing things was 9 or 10 (years old, now in mid-twenties). We had a long hallway from which each bedroom was off it. I would hear dragging kind of sounds up and down, didn't matter if I shut my door, they would just get louder, as well as the ticking of a grandfather clock. We never owned one but it would tick before, after and during the dragging sounds. I still hear them to this day, they get so loud I have to rub my ear until I fall asleep.

Old Lady Smell — Reiki stirs energy?

Some years back my partner attended Reiki healing (Parkinson's). After a few months we both would smell what could only be described as old lady smell but not the usual lily of the valley or lavender. I have smelt her whilst on my own and also with my partner.

One morning alone in the house, early morning, I was awoken by her very strong smell. Not unpleasant. She was obviously standing at the side of my bed. I did not feel alarmed or disturbed but new if I opened my eyes she would disappear. I lay for a while and the smell stayed but when I opened my eyes she was gone.

Deceased Ex-Husband Returns? — And leaves a sign?

Some years ago whilst living alone I had operations one after the other and was (feeling) very poorly. I really thought my time was limited or even imminent. Fast asleep I smelled cigarettes. No on has smoked in my house for some 12 years. My feeling was it was my deceased ex-husband from very many years ago. Although divorced, strange as it may seem, we were both still in love, maybe for what could have been.

I awoke but kept my eyes closed. I spoke, using his name. "Are you here to comfort or have you come to take me with you," I asked him. No response came back. But the feeling of being all alone and that no one cared did leave me, and was replaced with a warmth. I could almost hear him say: I am here always with you. Can any one explain any of this? Any help would be appreciated.

Husband's Ghost Returns? — Door rattles. Water puddles in garage.

My second husband passed away 6-1/2 years ago. After the funeral I had dreamed of him often and so did all three of our daughters (all teenagers). Some of my dreams were quite scary. The day after he had passed away the wind chimes outside the back door started to make a lot of noise. There was not a drop of breeze. We knew it was my husband and we all heard it.

A few months after he had passed there would be a small puddle in the garage in the middle of the floor. There is no water other than the washing machine in the garage and it was so far away from where the puddle was that it couldn't have been from the washer. My husband had been quite the practical joker so we knew this was his way of letting us know he was still there. I would smell his cigar smoke in my car sometimes, and I didn't have that car when he was alive, I had bought it after he died.

The frequency of the episodes had started to become fewer and fewer. Our grandson was born last August and it was a happy time but a little sad too knowing his grandfather would never know him. As he has gotten older and looks around and points, my daughter has said the baby will just stare at the corner of his bedroom while she rocks him. We think that he is seeing his grandfather. I remarried last year and the episodes seemed to stop. On Friday, I was getting ready to leave for work, turning lights off, and I turned around by the front door and I saw my dead husband standing there. I turned and kept going thinking I was seeing things. I turned the garage light out and turned around to open the garage door and I saw him again.

I really don't understand why? Why is he back and what does it mean? Usually when I would see or feel him before he was giving me a warning that our youngest daughter was sick; she is a diabetic. I don't understand why he is back now? I mentioned it to our youngest daughter and she said she had been having the dreams of her dad again for the last couple days. If anyone can offer any insight I would really appreciate it.

Ghosts in the Theatre - Lights and Orbs

I was stage managing a show at our community theatre. While we were in rehearsals, someone took a picture of three of us that showed three orbs of light around us. Spooky, but could have easily been a lighting thing.

Today we had two shows, a matinee and an evening show. During the matinee, in a darkened scene, a third floor light flipped on and glowed through the catwalk. (That's a floor that has almost no access, absolutely none to anyone who doesn't have intimate knowledge with the theatre.) Then, part way through the evening performance another turned on. The theatre manager took someone with her and went immediately up there to turn it off. Before they could turn around to come down, from out of the blue, they heard a crashing noise near them.

This building is 100 years old and is reputed seriously to have a ghost. I've been working by myself backstage and have heard noises, but didn't get spooked at all. Tonight though, even surrounded by 35 people, I was a little nervous … well, maybe intrigued is a better word.

Unwanted Spirits Scare Family - Voices, Lights, Doors Open

My mom moved in to a house when I was 15 years old. My oldest sister started to tell me that something was in her bed with her at night; I didn't believe her and then a few months later, she moved out to a family member's place. Shortly after she moved out I started to hear stuff. I would hear a woman and a man's voice; then I heard the basement door open and you would hear someone go down to the basement and hear the dryer go on, or the door of the dryer would be open, and the basement light would be on. One night I asked whoever or whatever it was to leave, they don't belong here no more. The next day I could not breathe or really see, so I got scared and moved out. About a year after that my sister had to move back in; she has a two-year old son and he always talked about the bad man watching him in the bath tub or in the basement. It is scary … things that have happened there. Sometimes my mom calls a little scared. I could never move back in there.

Dream of Lost Love - "I Call Your Name"

I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend called my name so loud that it woke me up. That was the whole dream as far as I remember. I actually thought he was outside calling my name. I still love him. What does this mean?

Spirits' Last Goodbyes - Great Auntie & Grandma - Felt Hands on Face

My Great Aunt was bi-coastal and lived on the West Coast. She was a painter, and left her easel, a half finished painting, two ukuleles, and a box of old jewelry. She asked me (on the East Coast) to take care of these items for her. The night before she died, I awoke in the middle of the night to see her head floating above the box of jewelry. I was scared out of my mind. When my dad heard me screaming, he rushed into my bedroom with a baseball bat. As soon as he came in, the head started spinning and rose to the ceiling, and was gone. It was too creepy.

We got a call the next morning that Auntie had died at 3:00 a.m. I told my Grandma who lived downstairs, that Auntie was here last night and she said, "I know, she was here too." I told her that when she died, not to scare me like that in the middle of the night. I was very close to my Grandma.

When she died, I moved downstairs and slept in her bed. One night I dreamed she came to the bed dressed in her funeral clothes and touched me. I felt her arm; it was cold and hard. That morning I was in the shower, my eyes were closed to keep water out, and I felt hands on my face. They were not my hands. I was too afraid to open my eyes but I know it was my grandmother.

Spirit Messengers - Orbs of Light

I was in bed sleeping and awoke about 1:00 AM from what I thought was a dream. In the corner of the room I saw lights—orbs of light—almost shaped like a Christmas tree without the tree. The feeling I awoke with was that this was a warning to be suspicious of people and be careful for the next few years. It was like the lights were spirits, one said she was my grandmother, my mother's mother who I had never met, and she talked about my mother.

Other spirits gave me messages, one was about a friend, warning that the friend was going to have a hard time. And she did go into a difficult time in her life. It was the lights that surprised and freaked me out. I lived on the second floor with forest out the window so no lights could shine from the outside.

A Father's Spirit Visits and Talks to His Child

My son passed away 2-1/2 years ago. It was a motorcycle accident. It was 5 days before Christmas and he was a policeman. My granddaughter was 10 months old at the time. Now for the past month she has been seeing a policeman in her room. Even if she is at her other grandmother's house. She is three years old now. Is it possible that my son is visiting her? Her mother has asked her what the man looks like. She doesn't say. Her mother has also heard her talking to someone on several occasions. When asked who she is talking to, she says her daddy.

Loved Ones Passed

A few years back when I would shut the lights out with only my TV on I could feel a presence watching me. My hairs on my arms would stick up and my heart would start beating fast. This went on for about 2 years. I never saw anything. To this day I can feel a presence from time to time. Sometimes I feel like someone touches me or sits next to me when my back is turned. I also here my name from time to time too. Could it be love ones that passed checking up on me?

Smelling Deceased Husband's Cologne

On December 12th, 2008 my husband was in a car accident and was killed instantly. We live in bad neighborhood and my husband knows I'm scared to death here in our home at night with just my son and I. On Dec. 15th, we had his funeral services, that night our son went to stay with my father and I went on home thinking I could be strong and be able to stay there by myself.

Around 12:30 a.m., it was the time he came in from working second shift, I was sitting on the couch where I always sat waiting on him to come home. I was crying, because I knew I would never see him come home again. I got up off my couch to go to the kitchen to get me something to drink, out of nowhere I smelled his cologne as if it had just been sprayed.

I knew there was no-one else in the house to spray it. Is this a sign that he is here with me or was I imagining things?

Visit from Ghost or Spirit? Footsteps and a Tug of the Pillow

I am not sure if my experience was a ghost or a spirit but I do know it was not a dream. I am 37 years old and swear this has happened before. Just yesterday while I was asleep I feel as if someone sat in my bed which woke me, too scared to open my eyes and turn around I feel a tug at one of my pillows. Again too afraid to move I did not release a pillow and pretended to be asleep. I was truly hoping whoever it was would think I was asleep and not hurt me.

After a few tugs of the pillow I hear a few footsteps walking away. Then I quickly turn around, jump out of the bed, only to find there was no one in my house. I know no one was here.

Could this have been a ghost? Is there a message that they would want to give me? Have you heard something like this happen before? Had I opened my eyes and turned over would I have seen it? What does it mean?

True Ghost Story: Husband's Presence


Dad's Spirit - Footsteps and Whistling

I awoke to a whistle at my ear. I immediately sat up on my couch and could hear what I thought were footsteps from the living room into the kitchen. I felt something … it wasn't a dream. I sat in complete darkness and reached over to find my cell phone for some light. My heart was beating I think faster then it ever had before. I tried to rationalize the situation. It was so clear... the sound of the whistling. I couldn't fall asleep without the light on for the rest of the night.

In the morning I was in my kitchen and on my island counter where pictures that where framed that I had taken out of storage boxes the day before to clean up and put out. One was of my dad who passed away back in 2001 of cancer. I had cut out of a newspaper his obituary and framed it along with his picture and a poem. I hadn't looked at the picture in years. Was this just a dream or could it have been him?

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